August 2020

Agency News

We hope you're off to a wonderful start to August!

This month, we're seeing more airlines refine their policies to ensure a clean environment to offer peace of mind for travelers. While airlines are changing their policies to ensure the safety of passengers, organizations around the globe are beginning to consider traveling again. With that being said, we thought there are some important things for your organization to consider beforehand.

  • It may be beneficial to include additional steps to the approval process. Last month, we found that 36% of respondents in our survey were adding additional steps to the approval process in response to COVID-19. It may be time for your organization to take a look at this area in your travel policy as well.
  • Ensure your travelers have the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Airlines are becoming more strict on their mask policies and banning certain masks. It's important for your travelers to be mindful of these policies for future travels.
  • Consider testing for your travelers. We are seeing a number of countries mandating testing prior to arrival. Will your organization offer in-house testing? 

As always, EWA Travel is working diligently with organizations in order to ensure travelers are being as safe as possible. EWA agents are assessing regions around the globe prior to bookings to be able to relay that information to travelers and travel arrangers.

If your organization is considering travel, allow EWA Travel to give you some more information on how we intend to do our part to keep your travelers safe.

Travel News

American's Clean Commitment

American Airlines' Clean Commitment video offers an in-depth explanation of how they are enhancing the boarding and in-flight experience to minimize the spread of the virus.

Dubai is open to tourists — Test before you go

Recently Dubai has opened up its borders to tourists, with no age restrictions. Emirates announced that after August 1, travelers must be able to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate. Tests must have been taken a maximum of 96 hours before departure. Visit the Emirates site for more information. 

Airports are welcoming you back with clean, open arms

"The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which operates Washington National and Dulles International airports, is on target to soon have more than 700 hand-sanitizer stations throughout the facilities, one of a number of steps the authority is taking to create a safe environment for travelers."

What type of masks does Delta allow?

Recently, Delta announced that it was going to tighten its' face mask policy. Every major U.S. airline now requires a face covering to be worn during flights. Delta has taken its policy one step further by banning masks with an exhaust valve.

Where can Americans travel right now?

We're beginning to see more countries open up their borders to the rest of the world. For your convenience, Travel + Leisure recently curated a list of countries that are open to U.S. citizens.

Get packing, United resumes service to 25 international spots

United Airlines recently announced that it has plans to resume service to 25 international spots, starting in September. The airline will be flying 37% of its overall schedule then. 

Delta check-in requires you to commit to safe flying

Delta has put in place new policies to ensure all customers certify their commitment to safe flying. Upon check-in, Delta has added health acknowledgment prompts during customer check-in. 

Travel Resources

EWA's COVID-19 resource center

Recently, EWA Travel released a curated list of updates on airline programs and COVID-19 responses. We regularly update with more information as we come across new information. 

How EWA stays in contact with travelers

In order to stay in contact with our travelers no matter where they are around the globe, we use a combination of on-call agents and our after-hours service for any issues outside business hours. Additionally, we offer international toll-free numbers for after-hours support in making timely ticket changes, cancellations or issue new tickets.

Be sure to follow our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for daily updates on the latest news in the office and in travel. We regularly share travel alerts and many helpful resources that would be beneficial to you.

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