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New book in Russian

The book will be published in late Marts as paperback and e-book

Жить Своим Сознанием - Лена Джэй

Live Your Consciousness by Lena Jey

русский описание

Вы держите в руках книгу, которая наполнена новой энергией. Это активная книга о новом сознании. В ней 12 глав о том, как работается новая энергия, как создавать свою реальность, о вдохновении, выборе, творчестве, воображении, изобилии, любви к себе и чувственности. Автор предлагает посмотреть на самые обычные вещи с точки зрения энергии, а также открыть и вспомнить забытую связь между человеком и его собственным сознанием, осознанно посмотреть почему определенные вещи происходят в жизни и как это работает. Это будет интересно всем, кто стремится узнать себя, находится на пути своего внутреннего душевного развития, а также тем, кто любит создавать и занимается любым видом искусства. Это откроет новые горизонты и поможет посмотреть на вещи свежим взглядом. Вдохновение пропитывает эту легкую, местами трансформационную книгу, которая расширяет ваше сознание и даёт новое внутреннее видение вещей. Здесь также читатель найдёт некоторые инструменты новой энергии, которыми легко пользоваться в повседневной жизни, чтобы создавать свою реальность и находится в гармонии с собой и с миром вокруг. Основано на реальной истории от пробуждения к реализации. Желаем вам приятного чтения.

English description

You are holding a book filled with a new energy. This is an active book about the new consciousness. It contains 12 chapters on how the new energy works, how to create your own reality, about inspiration, choice, creativity, imagination, abundance, self-love and sensuality. The author suggests looking at the most ordinary things in terms of energy, and discovering and recalling the forgotten connection between a person and his own consciousness, consciously seeing why certain things happen in life and how it works. It will interest everyone who seeks to know themselves, who is on the path of inner spiritual or self-journey, and those who like to create and engage in any kind of art. This will open new horizons and help you see things with a fresh look. Inspiration flows through this light, in some places transformational book, which expands your consciousness and gives a new inner vision of things. Here, the reader will also find some tools of new energy easy to use in everyday life to create your reality and to be in harmony with yourself and with the world around. Based on a true story from awakening to realization. We have to enjoy your reading.

Teeth Questions

Teeth Question by Hans Balans

EIP has assisted Hans Balans with the files, so he could self-publishing his book “Teeth Questions – What about our teeth?”

In this book, material is shared for healers, dentists and people who like to understand what is going on in the mouth and body. It gives you information you can read and use in your life. Everything happening in the body we can heal ourselves, when we start to belief and trust it.

Bodies are designed for self-healing, but we forgot to use that capacity. Instead we ask other people to look at it and advise us for proper food. And we prefer that those people take full responsibility for their work on our bodies. Maybe it is the right time to take back our own responsibility for our body and healing.

But it asks for effort, discipline and sometimes changing your life. Changing your life is always good, but the fear of leaving habits, comfort zones and the general beliefs of society is sometimes difficult.

The Adventures of Luzi Cane

The series as hardcover

The first three titles has been published as hardcover editions, and I must say, the look and feel is quite astounding.

The series as audio books

We are working on yet another format for the series. It seems, that an audio book in Spanish of book 1 is first to come out.

Book four, The Truth of the Black Dragon

The story takes ever more form, and the raw text is steadily growing, now 208 book pages:

The black dragon, Knight shows up Sunday night when I wake up just past midnight.

“I am here to invite you on a walk through a landscape at night.”

Indeed, you lead the way.”

We are pure consciousness when we appear in a rocky terrain with some vegetation. The air is still kept warm by the surroundings beaming the warmth collected from the Sun. There are low cliffs on both sides of a narrow path cleared for rubble, which we follow. It feels we glide side by side even we have no bodies. The Moon is almost full and shines a dim light over the landscape. The rocks and boulders create shadows which could be cave entrances or just surfaces in the dark. I am not afraid and feels totally safe. We glide a while in silence so I can adjust to the scenery. Eventually, Knight breaks the silence, but without speaking out loud.

“This walk is to show your scattered and hiding parts, that you, the Master is truly ready to receive them home. It will show them, that you are not a warry-fairy, but one who stand her ground and bring all back into unity.”

“I know they need to see me as strong and powerful, even those concepts no longer are a part of what defines me. If I appear as weak as they feel they are themselves, they will despite me and can’t use me or may even challenge me for the position.”

“You are correct, Luzi. We use the moonlight to lure those out who are ready to join the whole. If they have the courage to move into the moonlight, which is actually your light, they are ready.”

“I see. If they are too scared or repulsed by my appearance, they won’t come out.”

Other projects

EIP is involved on different levels with other book projects, two poetry books and three illustrated children’s books + more.

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