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ISSUE 156, 3 NOV 2020
Why lockdown was the plot twist that libraries needed

Krystal Vittles/ The Guardian

An article by the head of service delivery at Suffolk Libraries discussing some positive stories from lockdown and how the pandemic ignited a surge of interest in library services.

Library Carpentry: Introduction to Open Refine

UCSB Library

Announcing a free, 2-day, example-driven workshop on 9th-10th November on OpenRefine, a free Open Source tool for working with messy tabular data. Each session is two and a half hours.

Student clubs and making zines

Hailley Fargo/ ACRLog

This post, from an academic librarian, looks at the challenges of connecting with students during the pandemic, and how to design meaningful Zoom sessions. There's also some ideas for Zoom zine-making.

Loneliness in the Digital Age & Public Libraries

Jane Cowell/ Medium

Loneliness is a big issue for people of all ages, and the pandemic has exacerbated the problem. This article contains practical advice for libraries to become more effective in connecting people and groups in the community.

Irish librarians call for action on the electronic content crisis facing libraries and library users

Library Association Of Ireland

With libraries facing rising costs and harsh licensing agreements for electronic content, Irish librarians are calling for clear and immediate action and an investigation into publishers' practices. 

South-west Sydney wants to open its libraries after dark to help gambling addicts

Lin Evlin/ SBS News

Activists are working to bring a scheme, first trialled in Victoria, into New South Wales. The Libraries After Dark scheme keeps libraries open late to provide a safe haven for people with gambling addictions, particularly people from migrant communities.

Escape for the Isolated

Timothy Inklebarger / American Libraries Magazine

Loads of practical advice for running online Dungeons & Dragons or other similar virtual library events based on the experiences of Greenfield (Mass.) Public Library.

Well, now what?

Public Library Apparel

UK libraries will get 20% of profits from this library-loving start-up that has reached it's Kickstarter target - and you can nominate your local library for a share!

What happened to YOUmedia?

Chicago Reader

The YOUmedia project at Harold Washington Library began in 2009 as an experiment to provide technical equipment and mentoring to enable young people to create, and it grew into something much larger. Now all YOUmedia mentors have been laid off by the Chicago Public Library Foundation. 

Librarian, Read Thyself

The Rambling

With some librarians in US public libraries receiving training in administering opioid overdose medication, Lynne Stahl looks at the history of libraries to find out how they came to be social safety nets. 

Migration Checklist

Google Docs 

Good Migrations: A Checklist for Moving from One Digital Preservation Stack to Another, is a draft document, using the functional areas from the NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation as a framework for a checklist for planning migrations from one digital preservation system to another. The 2020 Good Migrations Working Group are asking for digital preservation community members to provide feedback.

Let’s flatten the infodemic curve

World Health Organisation

An infographic that depicts the effect that fact-checking can have in limiting the spread of misinformation, with some useful tips on how to go about checking the reliability of information. 

Reading List: Researcher Needs in Digital Humanities

Lotte Wilms/ LIBER

A collection of resources to help libraries meet the needs of researchers in digital humanities.

Educating for Misunderstanding: How Approaches to Teaching Digital Literacy Make Students Susceptible to Scammers, Rogues, Bad Actors, and Hate Mongers

Stanford Digital Repository, 21st October 2020

This research looked at whether university students with a live internet connection could identify the trustworthiness of news articles. The study also looks at whether institutions are doing enough to educate students to find reliable information. 

COVID-19 NEWS: 'New Research on Public Library Usage During Pandemic'

Information Today, Inc. Weekly News Digest, 29th October 2020

From a September survey of US adults, this report compares library usage in the US from 2019 and 2020 which shows the effect of the pandemic on library services. 

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