Hi My Dear Angelic Heart  🥰🥰❤️🌻🌸

I open my heart to you, and hope that you’ve had a somewhat productive and calm weekend.

It’s really cold, wet and dark in the UK but I am still feeling blessed and motivated to write to you.

The reason I feel blessed is because I'm thankful for my breath and the feeling of love in my heart. If you think about it, when you strip away everything from each human being, what’s left is pure consciousness and a breathing channel with the capacity to take love in, and breathe love out. But to get to that state of awareness (which is the place of no anxiety) it takes time and commitment, which I know you can accomplish.

I get that it can be incredibly hard to motivate yourself to keep going in autumn and winter and during anxiety peak periods.

But I also know that if you are in the right communities you can flourish. 

Let me share something with you now....Staying in, watching the TV and eating loads of comfort food used to be one of my favorite past-times. I used to hide away from my family, friends, social media and anybody else who wanted to interact with me, because I was convinced that this was the only way to tame my anxiety.

I lost count of the number of times I opened facebook accounts, closed them, changed my name, removed friends, then added again the same friends and so on.

But over the years, and after overcoming my chronic anxiety, I have come to see social media in a completely different way. Without social media we wouldn’t have found each other and I also wouldn't have connected with thousands of other gentle anxiety souls from all over the world.

Most people on my email list have found me either via Pinterest or YouTube. And more recently, I have also created a facebook page, a facebook private support group and an instagram account to interact with anxiety warriors every single day. 

These platforms are helping me to regularly connect with gentle anxiety sufferers, and to meet new anxious souls every day for which I can’t thank social media enough.

What’s more, thanks to social media I've found many beautiful spiritual teachers, healers and blogging coaches over the years who have helped me and continue to help me to be the best teacher that I possibly can.

So, my email today is about encouraging you to use social media as a way of learning and making a contribution in this world. You have a voice, and this voice can help so many people, if you choose to follow the right people and join the right groups.

I have recently started being very active on Facebook posting every single day, and on Sunday I also decided to open an Instagram account where I’ve also started posting daily.

This is all part of my free life coaching so if you’re struggling to keep going with anti-anxiety techniques then I highly recommend that you come on board today by following my facebook page, and instagram account, and also joining the facebook private support group (if you haven’t already).

You can begin to use these platforms to learn and to help others, and I believe that your voice matters and it’s time for you to get heard.

Just a few feel-good social media tips

  • Follow people that make you feel good, and unfollow those that make you feel sad or anxious (for example on FB you don't have to unfriend people but just unfollow them so that you don't see their updates on your news feed)
  • Turn off email notifications if you feel that will help you.
  • Join groups that make you feel good, and leave those groups that make you feel sad or anxious
  • Participate on social media by helping others. 
  • Use the platforms to learn and to grow every single day

Can’t wait to see you on the inside.


1. Set the following intention every day for the next 30 days "I choose to use social media in an empowered way - to learn and to help others"

2. Be brave and follow my facebook page, instagram account, and also join the most loving facebook private support group (if you haven’t already).

That's it for now my dear heart. 

Always remember, YOU CAN change how you feel if you take empowering actions every day.

Wishing you a wonderful day or night, and an even better rest of the week

All my love, now and always

Your Heart-Based Life Coach,

Sandra Glavan