The Becoming Anthology 11 review part 2 of 3

Compiled and edited by Lynsey G and Jayel Draco

15 stories total, next 5:
Lynda Linda, Unlicensed Detective by Charlie Macorn
The Creeping Madness by L.K. Ingino
Metamorphosis by Missy
The Flames of Change by Zach Fair
Tracy Queen by Lynsey G

Here we go in this anthology with the next five stories:

6. Lynda Linda, Unlicensed Detective

written by Charlie Macorn art by Phobia Solara lettering by Cardinal Rae

This story's lighthearted and funny. There's some danger aspects but they get smoothed over, rather like a prime time comedy/drama. Lynda, the 'unlicensed' detective is given the task of tracking down the whereabouts of a missing horse. She's also got some money problems, as she owes back rent on the Feminist Collective she lives in. I like the character poses, the effective use of expression. Less thrilled about the mix of bits of color like the yellow narration boxes and bits of red here and there. I prefer either all color or all monochrome. There's also some wonky composition issues where negative space sometimes gets in the way of the story. Small problems, though. It's entertaining.

7. The Creeping Madness

written by L.K. Ingino art by Nizamt edited by Chuck Pineau

No talking here. A woman in a dark house can't get to sleep because of a dripping faucet. This one looks creepy and moody alright, but I can't figure out what's going on. There's a lot of fanciful panel work and distorted/twisted objects. All that contributes to the woman's hysteria and restlessness, but at the expense of being able to follow the action. This one kinda misses for me. A bit too unintelligible and dark.

8. Metamorphosis, Chrysalis Stage 1

written by Missy art by Eldkrind

This one's a bit interesting, although it's trying to get a broad-brush world to fit into its 6 pages which is a bit of a stretch. There's talk of gladiator matches and body modification, only to see very simply drawn/colored people and objects. Still, there's some interesting artwork. As the title implies, our main character undergoes some transformation.

9. The Flames of Change

written by Zach Fair art by Nick Touris lettering by Nikki Powers

Wizard school drawn in a highly colorful and cartoony style. There's introductions all around, a professor immediately gets two young student wizards to square off. This was kinda hard to read as well, very little actual story. It looks like a vessel of storing 'interesting stuff' Zach Fair might've thought up on the fly. There's a few cool looking panels of cartoony wizards fighting. Final thoughts: 'meh.'

10. Tracy Queen

written by Lynsey G art by Jayel Draco

Here's where we enter into adult territory. Tracy Queen is a porn star who makes her own content showing off her pleasures. Alright, fair enough. Going up against her in another part of the country is her nemesis, Dickie Double Finger who is all about degrading his actors for quick profitability. He's set on destroying Tracy's erotic cinema franchise by stealing out from under her her crew. Strange that this should pop up in this anthology, but there's ample warning ahead of time. Plus there's a hilarious 'censorship catfish' who places strategical signs here and there. I got my start in reading underground comix from the 1970s, so in an odd way this stuff seems a bit tame.

Next week the last five!

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