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Last month, we were blessed to attend 3 beautiful events with Sister Shivani, a spiritual speaker who was visiting from Delhi. As promised, here is some of the wisdom collected during her amazing talks (as understood by Meenu).

Wisdom #1 - On building soul power

"Choose the song of peace instead of irritation" When responding to a difficult situation, do I have a choice? Absolutely! I can choose peace over irritation or frustration. It may seem difficult at first, but constantly getting disturbed by others actually depletes my Atman power. Being spiritual means I recognize my choice in every situation and I choose the song that's right for my soul.

Wisdom #2 - On becoming spiritual

"It takes time to cook the pakora all the way through" Spiritual progress is not a competition so avoid comparing with others. It's a personal journey based on the effort I make, so only I can know how far I've come. Be honest about strengths and weaknesses (we all have them) or run the risk of "appearing" spiritual on the outside only.

Wisdom #3 - On empowering myself

"Tune into a positive frequency" The energies of greed, anger, and ego are very strong right now; if we're not careful, we can be swept up in negativity. Practice tuning into the beautiful energies of love, happiness, peace, wisdom, and bliss. Listen to inspirational stories, participate in uplifting community events, and spend time with people you admire. It's incredibly nourishing for the soul!

Om Shanti my dear friend !


A dreamy match made in India!

Living Atman is delivering a pair of Incredible India adventures! Announcing Ananda 2019 and Shakti 2019, two uniquely designed 3-week immersions with purpose... but of course we'll eat, shop, and sight-see too!

Ananda *Bliss* in the South

- Feb or Apr 2019 -

Be awed by stunning temples, sink your toes into warm sandy beaches, and connect with locals at secluded hill stations. Ananda 2019 reconnects you with Bliss, Love & Happiness to refresh your soul!

Shakti *Power* in the North

- Mar 2019 -

Visit sacred sites like the Golden Temple, meditate at traditional ashrams, and experience the magic of festivals. Shakti 2019 delivers the Power, Peace & Wisdom to thrive in today's shifting world.

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