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Newsletter January 2020

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Photo of president Sue Hunter

President's Message

Happy New Year and New Decade to all members, leaders, facilitators, volunteers and the board of directors of the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre! 2019 was a successful year and early signs indicate that 2020 will continue that successful trend.

As the September semester came to a close, 95 members were able to come out and enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner, catered by Cindy Croteau. Homemade turkey and stuffing with all the trimmings. Followed by a Sticky Pudding dessert that I can almost taste as I am writing this! There were door prizes and festive themed entertainment provided by Gael & Wayne Bullard and Conrad Guy…… Also, a selection of music by the Chimers. (including members from 50+) Very impressive I might add.

Debby Greffe, Director and Social Convenor has already booked the Legion and caterer for 2020.

January Registration day was well attended. Last January, there was a bit of a snowstorm out there on registration day. We were all very happy to see the snow hold off until after registration.

This semester, we are pleased to add 5 new activities. They are Basics of Painting, School of Rock, Seniors Warmup Exercise, Ukulele Practice and Writers Group. Descriptions of all activities can be found on the website. Welcome and thank you to new leaders for joining the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre family!

Chair Yoga has been hugely successful for several years. Judy Volhart, who was the leader during the last semester was unable to return in January. We wish her well and hope that she will be able to return in the future. Ross Thomson will be leading the Chair Yoga this semester, starting February 3rd. Thank you Ross! Glad you are able to join us!

The current registration numbers are 454 members which includes 76 new members. Welcome all!

During our January board meeting, Barry Shaver indicated that he must step down from is position as director for personal reasons. I know that I speak for everyone, when I say, that we will truly miss you Barry! Thank you for all that you have brought to the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre during your 3 year tenure on the board. You are always ready and willing to get the job done, both at meetings and registration days. You are a positive and true team player. Best wishes to you! We hope to see you out and about at some activities.

At this time, we have an opening on our Board of Directors. We welcome applicants to submit a letter of interest and a brief list of skills and related experience that you feel would be an asset to bring to the team. We are 9 individuals on the board and meet once a month from September through May. Being a part of the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre is rewarding and very enjoyable. Email can be sent to our office at

Again, on behalf of the board “A very Happy New Year” to all. We hope that you enjoy your activities during the upcoming semester, and I look forward to seeing many of you at weekly activities.

Sue Hunter

Winter Weather Policy
  • Our Winter Weather Policy is of course currently in operation. This relates  to the rules and guidelines regarding class cancellations due to bad weather.
  • If you wish to know what the course of action the leader of your class(es) plans to take on a bus cancellation day, visit this details page on our website.
Activities News

Chair Yoga

As mentioned in the President’s Message, Chair Yoga is starting up again on Feb 03 at the Memorial Center.

If you have replied to the informational email from you are already registered. Please follow the instructions in that email.

There is still room for a few more participants so if you would like to register for Chair Yoga and have not received an informational email please let us know by sending an email to 

The first people to respond, up to the class size limit, will be accepted, after that names will be placed on a waitlist.

Please Note: These additional registrations will not be accepted at the office. You will receive further information by email once you are confirmed to be in the class. Thank you!

Exploring New Activities: Running

Like to run? Or would like to learn the safe way to run? We have had an offer to start up a running group and are looking for feedback to determine if there is any interest. If you think you may be interested in joining a running group please let us know by sending an email to and include "Running" in the subject line.

Remember, if you would like to lead a new activity and share your skill set please let us know.

Wall Street United Church, Parking for 50+ Members

Above is a detailed schematic of the parking facilities at the Wall Street United Church.

This drawing along with an explanation was kindly provided by Cathie Kelso of the church office - thanks Cathie.

Spaces for 50+ and Church Activities are:

  • C1 to C14
  • C18 to C25

C16 and 17 are reserved for Staffing and marked as reserved.

C26 is handicap and anyone with a sticker (attending a class or meeting in the church is open to use this space)

Partner Acknowledgements

Fifty Plus Partners

We are very fortunate to have great leaders for all our activities. Some leaders have an expertise which also provides a business opportunity for them yet they still volunteer their time and skill set to the Fifty Plus community. In this section we want to acknowledge some of those leaders and hope that given an opportunity you will remember to support them as well.

Self-Reflexology with Arlene Laberge

In addition to leading the new, very popular Self-Reflexology class this semester, Arlene is also the proprietor of the Halotherapy and Reflexology Center. Arlene would like you to think of her services as “Bringing Back a Natural Way of Healing”. Halotherapy is a Dry Salt Therapy process.

For more information check out The Halotherapy and Reflexology Center facebook page or contact Arlene at 613-498-5263 or via

Meditation with Beryl Wood

The Meditation groups facilitated by Beryl give everyone a chance to experience a wide variety of styles of meditation practices. If you would like to discuss the different styles and which one may work best for you please contact Beryl at

Chair Yoga with Ross Thomson

Yea! Chair Yoga is returning on Feb 03. We are super grateful that Dan de Luis of Subramanya Yoga Center was quick to recommend Ross, and even happier that Ross agreed to be our new leader. Subramanya offers traditional yoga, chair yoga, therapeutic yoga and more, check out their website, stop by or talk to Ross for more information.

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