Curing All Neurological Disorders

Leveraging Nanotechnology and Optogenetics

This month, I wrote an article about how we can leverage two exponential technologies and sciences, nanotechnology and optogenetics to cure all neurological diseases, definitely check out this article by clicking the button below!

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Courses and Projects

Visual Molecular Dynamics

This month, after completing various courses in nanotechnology, I applied my knowledge In this space by modelling different nanostructures such as silicon nitride nano-pores and simulating them in different environments.

Quantum Mechanics

Along side nanotechnology, it is crucial to also be learning quantum mechanics, I have been reading various books and watching videos about quantum mechanics to try and learn as much as possible! I am super excited to keep learning about this complex yet fascinating field.

Places I Went

JLabs Toronto

This month I had the amazing opportunity to meet with the head of JLabs, Allan Miranda, we spoke to him about what we were working on, learned more about JLabs as well as got a tour of the space! 

U Waterloo Nanotechnology

As a part of our internship, we also went to Waterloo university and visited the nanotechnology department and talked to some professors there! It was such a great opportunity! Thank you Milad and team for such a wonderful experience.

Next Steps

This month, I am going to continue to pursue my passion in Nanotechnology and Quantum Mechanics, simulating more structures and making progress with my nanotech startup

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