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A warm winter for many pangolins and other wild animals

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We would like to bring you lots of exciting news happened in the last month of the year.  Happy reading and thank you for supporting us!

Rescue & Release activities

Rescued successfully 42 animals

We know we are not able to bring happiness for all wild animals over the world, but for some of them we are so proud of helping them have a safe and warm winter. It’s just within a month of December 2019, we rescued successfully 44 animals, covering 34 pangolins, eight big head turtles, one common palm civet and one leopard cat. The pangolins were all suddenly spotted by the police from three different provinces in Vietnam. Our Rapid Response Team had to work hard without sleeping and resting to rescue all them with four consecutive days in the middle of Dec.

It’s time to come home for eight pangolins

After being trained and passing all test for surviving by themselves, other eight pangolins has re-united with their big family – all citizens in the forest. It is so happy to see them running away from us in order to be home a gain. During the time in our center, they seem like quiet citizens, acting slow, sleeping during day time, appearing so shy when our keepers coming close to help. However, on the release, the heart’s call of being home again make them run so fast, even swimming across the stream if needed. Good bye these little guys. Wish you all a next journey free of turbulence, and an atmosphere clear of fog. Our team will always follow you by our tracking tools.

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Vetarinary activities
A brave warrior has a successful fight for his life

A half of animals we rescued had got wounds, necrosis and pain. Some of them were suffered from the pain and could not recover, then died within a couple of days after arriving to our center. However, we had found a greatly brave one. He had a deep, wide wound on its neck as the most terrible thing happened in his life. Luckily! He was a brave warrior. Along with our care, he was steadily recovered. Even now he is eating well and can move around as other pangolins.

On the rescue

A baby pangolin was born after 2 days of arrival to our center

On the first aids of veterinary team to check health of Sunda pangolins rescued from Quang Tri province on 19th December 2019. A female pangolin suddenly gave birth just after arriving rescue center 2 days, while another one was in pregnancy. Both of the veterinarians and keepers always keep eyes on these mothers and the baby to make sure that they are safe and in good conditions. For them, we need more attention on caring and rehabilitating than other individuals. Sometimes, we have to take care of them until the little pangolin is able to survive by itself in the wild.  Help us to save more vulnerable pangolins!

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Education Activities
First education tour for students in Grade 7 of Ngo Si Lien school

Following activities in the Conservation Education Project of SVW for preschool and elementary students, an experiment of an experiential education tour for students in Grade 7 of Ngo Si Lien school, going along with 15 their parents and homeroom teachers had  been completed in this December.

The successful implementation of the tour marks a certain point in SVW's long-term conservation education strategy, which drives to attract voluntary participation and willingness to pay all the fee from the parents and schools for the tour. Compared to our education program in last three years with fully funded, this program totally brings a big difference from it.

To evaluate the tour’s results, we conducted an online test for students and their parents. 100% students were aware that plants and animals can be extinct if people continue to overuse or exploit the nature. More than 83% of them choose not to use Pangolin products, even when a family’s member asks for. 33% kids were willing to tell their parents about non-visiting the places which consume wildlife products. Last but not least, all the parent agreed to allow their children to join activities held by SVW.

Research activities

Thirty camera-traps were set up along the canal banks in the U Minh Thuong national park

From December 6th to 24th, the team has started the targeted survey on Sunda pangolins, fishing cats and hairy-nosed otters in U Minh Thuong national park. Thirty camera-traps were set up along the canal banks in the national park, expecting to record the persistence of these targeted species. Two members of the team were trained on setting up camera-trap and spotlighting during the survey. The team also directly observed more than 60 species in this area, including hairy-nosed otters.

On the rescue
Site protection activities
Expelled a large number of people, traps and guns in Dec

A large number of people exploited forest, traps and guns were expelled in this month. Our Anti-poaching Team arrested four people in the forest that they were poaching, setting traps and logging. We expelled them from the forest,confiscated their guns and asked them sign reports. The team destroyed the great number of 2060 traps and burnt down 36 camps. While in November, with our equivalent protection efforts, no poachers or hunters, guns, traps had been found in during the team’s patrols. These illustrate a fact the activities of hunting and trafficking wild animals was greatly increasing during the Tet period. And it is also a big challenge to our anti-poaching unit, requiring them to kept vigil on every step on the patrol to protect the forest as well as wild animals.

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Vietnam's precious wildlife thanks you for your invaluable contribution to our work!

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