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Get More Subscribers with this Optional Opt-in Change

We’ve already talked a lot about the new GDPR regulations and how they will impact you as an Instafreebie author.

In case you need to be caught up, here’s what you need to know:  

GDPR requires us, and you, to give all readers the chance to choose whether or not they want to join your newsletter when they download one of your books. No more automatic sign-ups.

A lot of you have expressed concern about this, thinking that most readers won’t sign up for newsletters if you give them the choice to opt-out.

We heard your concerns loud and clear. We also decided to put those concerns to the test!

What we found out was that being transparent with readers about newsletter sign-ups actually increases the chances of them signing up!

We found this out by running an experiment where we ditched the old opt-in checkbox we were using, and used a friendlier, more transparent method of inviting readers to subscribe to your mailing lists instead. (You can see the new version in the image at the top of this email.)

The results? A 50% increase in subscribers!

Transparency for the win!

We wanted to let you know we’re deploying this update across all optional opt-in giveaways tomorrow, June 14th, so you can also benefit from being more transparent with readers.

And if you’ve integrated MailerLite or MailChimp services with your Instafreebie account, we’ve also added language for readers to learn more about these services’ terms and conditions (as per Mailchimp’s new requirements).

Giving more information to readers about where information is being shared is the right thing to do, and it turns out that readers will engage more with authors who do.

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