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November 28, 2019 - Issue #92

Project News

TESL Ontario Annual Conference
If you're attending the upcoming TESL Ontario Annual Conference, please stop by our booth to say hi or attend a LearnIT2teach-related session. Good luck with our sponsored scavenger hunt.
Thursday, Nov. 5 

  • Y-Story: Supporting PBLA & Using EduLINC Across Programs (T3F)
  • ELF & EduLINC: A Perfect Blend (T4M)
  • LINC Blended Learning: A demonstration research project (T5K)
  • TechKnow Event

Friday, Nov. 6

  • 7 Ways to Use Video in Moodle (F2H)
  • EduLINC Teacher Showcase: LINC Blended Learning in Action (F3G)
  • M-Learning, Moodle and the EduLINC Courseware (F5H)

New Part 1 Learning Technology Leadership Group Begins Course Monday, January 6, 2020
If you are a professional in an IRCC program looking to lead innovation in a LINC or ELT program, we have two-part Moodle-based online training to offer. Each part has six weekly units and the time demand is 1.5 – 2 hours per unit. The course content includes readings, podcasts and videos, and course activities encourage sharing and collaboration with peers in the sector.

New LearnIT2teach Video Podcast: Learning Technology Trends in Adult ESL
Dr. Kessler is a professor of instructional technology at Ohio University. In this ten-minute conversation with Rob McBride, Dr. Kessler discusses trends in learning technology including artificial intelligence and how new tools can help teachers and learners. ...

Web News

'You sound worried': would you let an AI rephrase the tone of your emails?
A new ‘tone detector’ from Grammarly promises to save us from causing unintentional offence. How else might it impact our language?...

6 Top News to Know from Moodle 3.8 Release
It’s the month of November, a season for Moodle users around the world to eagerly expect something (in other words, a new Moodle version) from Moodle HQ. And some of us might already know this news that Moodle 3.8 version has been released. Here is what you want to know from the latest version. [Coming next year in IRCC's new  national LMS] ...

The world’s top economists just made the case for why we still need English majors
As humanities majors slump to the lowest level in decades, calls are coming from surprising places for a revival. Some prominent economists are making the case for why it still makes a lot of sense to major (or at least take classes) in humanities alongside more technical fields.. ...

In Search of a Conversational Bot: Voice Computing Evolves
Voice computing is rapidly changing the way people interact with technology, which will have a dramatic impact on how learners expect to interact with eLearning technology. ... According to journalist and author James Vlahos, “The advent of voice computing is a watershed moment in human history  ... Vlahos describes the technological advances that are enabling progress toward artificial intelligence agents that can converse almost naturally with humans. ...

How to use psychology to get people to answer your emails
To whom it may concern: writing emails is painful. It’s bad enough finding the time to write them, but once you’ve done it, checked it and removed all the excess exclamation marks, you’re still not guaranteed a reply. There's some good news though: psychology can help. ...


Challenges In Blended Learning And The Possible Solutions
In this article, we’ll be exploring the different challenges in blended learning and the possible solutions to each. ..

10 Reasons to love Moodle infographic
....a handy infographic that sums up very neatly on just why we love Moodle so much – and why you should too! ...

ELearning Corrective Feedback: Importance and approach
Before we delve into the “how”, let’s pause and think about “why” corrective feedback is important. Adult learners participate in eLearning courses to obtain new knowledge and skills. However, the following questions often come to mind: ... It is recommended to keep the following best practices in mind: ...


Online English Teaching
PalFish is an application for iOS and Android where teachers get paid to chat with students from their phone or tablet. PalFish has three main types of teachers: ...

Online English Teacher
Quality Online Education Group Inc. (Richmond Hill) is looking for experienced and enthusiastic English tutors to deliver our online lessons to Grade 1 – Grade 8 students in China.  ...

Professional Development

LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography New Resource: ESL Teachers' Self-efficacy toward Pedagogical Use of Digital Technologies: An Exploratory Case Study in the Ontario Context
A small-scale study exploring how some EAP instructors in Ontario perceive their own abilities in using digital technologies in daily life and in their teaching practice, and how such perceptions influence their use of technology in the classroom. The study also examines the need for ongoing professional which focuses on combining training on specific technology tools with pedagogy.

Build a Flipped Classroom Course in Moodle-Step by step Part 1
Part 1 shows you how to build a course in Moodle in a Flipped Classroom mode. This step by step course shows you different ways to add video to your course and then to add activities to compliment and support the videos. You will look at real examples and I will show you a range of tricks to make the design more interesting too. I will also show you how to build a discussion board. The discussion board can be linked to the video, ...

Build a Flipped Classroom course using Moodle- Step by step Part 2
This course continues to build on part one. It is a step by step video course that shows you how to create a course on any topic using a flipped model of learning. The platform used is Moodle and this second part looks at creating your own video and embedding it into Moodle. It then shows you how to create activity types that can build around the video content.

Teaching in a Digital Age – Second Edition
.... The [free] book enables teachers and instructors to help students develop the knowledge and skills they will need in a digital age: not so much the IT skills, but the thinking and attitudes to learning that will bring them success. Book release date (final version): October 10, 2019. For subsequent updates, see Updates and Revisions in the front matter of the book....

e-Resource Corner

Phrasal Verb Demon
This site is dedicated to phrasal verb verbs. It includes tutorials and interactive activities.

Speak whatever's on your mind. Then share it to the world. Free, simple voice recorder.

How to Speak English With Confidence in 9 Easy Steps
Do you still feel nervous about speaking English to others, even though you’ve spent a long time studying English? ... If you want to improve your English, you need to be confident in your abilities. Here are 9 easy ways to gain confidence in your ability to speak English. You’ll be on your way to speaking fluently if you follow these steps regularly. ....

New Language Solutions Inc.


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