The 4th International Spirit of Humanity Forum was held in beautiful sunny weather in Reykjavik, Iceland, from 30 May to 1 June 2019 under the theme ‘Discovering harmony in a world of difference – spiritual resilience in practice’. It was a wonderful coming-together of around 200 leaders and change-makers from 38 countries, who participated in plenaries, workshops and contemplative dialogues to explore how personal transformation can lead to global transformation. And how, by learning to connect to our deeper spiritual values and aligning our actions with them, a positive shift can occur in how we relate to ourselves, to others and to the world at large. 

We are very pleased to be able to share the very rich material from the 4th Spirit of Humanity Forum in Reykjavik this summer.

We hope you enjoy and take benefit from this treasure, and share it with others!

Report of the SoH Forum Reykjavik 2019

In the report from this year’s Forum, we have made an effort to capture the essence of the Forum and the meaning of what was shared. Take a look and we hope we have given you a flavour of what it is like to participate in the Spirit of Humanity Forum. Report here

Before we jump into the doing, let us take a few minutes and see what we are being...

Christiana Figueres gave a very honest, personal account of her experience of reaching the Paris agreement. Indicating a clear connection between what is happening inside with what is happening on the outside.

You are welcome to watch all the panels and interviews from the Forum on our website. More interviews will be uploaded still. Videos here

Advice to the leaders of the world

From Bob Boisture, President and CEO of The Fetzer Institute, Reykjavík 2019.

Video HERE


We are producing articles from the 4th Forum treasure store. Please share these jewels. Here is the first article, reflecting the contribution by Bob Boisture, President and CEO of The Fetzer Institute.  Article HERE


October practice from Fetzer.  Read MORE


The initiative for young leaders, Leading from Within, has been ongoing with small groups of young leaders meeting regularly with the aim of exploring and applying practical spirituality in daily life. The number of those who have participated is growing and the plan is to follow-up workshops every month to support the young people in being the changemakers they would like to be.


We have started to plan regional SoH Forums, initiated by and in co-creation with Forum participants who wish to share the experience with people in their region, starting with Geneva and Potsdam, the latter in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies. More to be shared later on. If you are interested in participating or would like to suggest invitees, please send an email to


The key to success is in the attitude of my mind; to make it pure and spiritual; to transform a negative attitude into a positive attitude with my good wishes. With a negative attitude, I feel distressed in my own mind. I have waste thoughts and then how can I bring benefit? First of all, I must check my own self: Is there any conflict in my own mind? To be clear about what is right and wrong is necessary, but not to keep someone else's mistake in my heart. To keep my heart clean whenever I come into contact with anyone, I need to give blessings and receive blessings.


Alexandra Asseily, GHFP’s trustee and speaker at the 2017 Forum, has developed a five-step process towards peace. Article HERE

Pearls from the 4th Spirit of Humanity Forum

  • To feel accepted by others, we need to start by accepting ourselves.
  • The most important dialogue is listening.
  • We need to reconnect to our inner compass.
  • Optimism is a choice of mindset, to adopt when facing a challenge, and you have to be stubborn about it when everyone says it is impossible. 
  • I don’t believe the younger generation are the ones to save the world, I believe all generations together are the best generation to save the world. I call it the Now - Generation.
  • Quote from a friend, a young African philosopher: "My ancestors tell me we are in an emergency, so we need to slow down."
  • If you really slow down, you make it happen really fast.

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