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Who are my spirit guides...

One of the most common questions I get asked

In this age of social distancing and change a lot of people are craving connection and relationship. Meeting up with old friends or meeting new ones isn’t as easy anymore. I am hearing from a lot of clients that they are simply “over it.” I can definitely admit to feeling and saying the same. Calling and Zooming or Skyping a friend is wonderful, but I miss the true connection that comes from being together.

As a sensitive person I miss all of the extra senses and emotions and information that come with being together in person. Missing all of the extras surprised me in the beginning, I had spent a lot of time learning how to boundary or shield it away so it wasn’t overwhelming, but I was realizing a certain level of extra information helped me feel connected and safe.  

I turned to my helping spirits, ancestors, and spirit friends to fill that need for me. Journeying with them, dreaming and processing and being with them, helped me deal with the isolation of these Covid times. They show me the path and help me decide which way to go. 

As clients come in talking about these things their helping spirts and guides are offering to help them the same way they have been helping me. Talking to our own guides can be powerful, healing and educational. It can also be a comfort and reassurance.

We all have different guides and different gifts helping us communicate with them. It can be as simple as asking a question or for support and seeing what happens around us as an answer. They will always answer us.

Journeying is one way of working with them. Using a drum or rattle to help us slow down and sync up with their world to communicate easier. I will be teaching a journey class later this month if you are interested in learning how. The details are below.

It is not the only way. You can meditate or free write or daydream and communicate with them. You may have an innate knowing of who your guides are or have had someone mention a guide offering to work with you. It is also possible to simply ask for one and see what signs show up in answer. There may also be one that you have seen everywhere lately that comes to mind when you read this. :)

If you would like help meeting your guides and helping spirits, or some help figuring out what the messages you are getting mean, I would love to do that with you. You can book a session with me below.

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Upcoming classes

Introduction to 

Would you like to be able to Journey to your spirit guides, helping spirits and ancestors?

Have you been curious what people mean when they talk about journeying or who your helping spirits are?

We will cover:
*Journeying for yourself and someone else.
*The types of spirit guides available to us
*The Importance of the spirit relationships
*Honoring of the spirit guides
*Connecting to the Land Spirits

We will use drums or rattles. If you have one, bring it to class. I will drum for the group.

Join me for a Zoom workshop on journeying October 17th at 9 am Pacific.

How do our spaces effect our bodies?

Have you ever wondered if your physical space effects how you feel? Are there energies in your home that belong there, energies that don't? Can they help us or cause problems?

The answer is actually yes to all of those questions.

There are a lot of things in our environments that many people are not aware of. Some of them belong there and we can partner with them, and some of them need help moving elsewhere.

We'll talk about what is common and some techniques to address what may not be helpful.

Basic journey skills are required.

Join me for a Zoom workshop on journeying December 12th at 9 am Pacific.

Meet and Greet with the Helping Spirits

Your helping spirits and guides would like to meet you!

It's very common for clients to ask me who their helping spirits or guides are, and I am happy to ask my guides for them. The best way to really know and start working with them for yourself is to actually meet them yourself.

I am going to talk about common types of guides and cosmologies and we are going to do a series of journeys for you to meet and start forming a relationship with several new guides.

This is an experiential class.

Basic journey skills are required.

Join me for a Zoom workshop on journeying January 23rd at 9 am Pacific.


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