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'Tis the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, and Halloween and Bonfire Night are soon a memory; we hope your pooches managed to get through the noise and bustle without too much stress. November has crept up upon us, maybe because the last month has been somewhat eventful! As many of you know, one of our foster dogs, Charlie, went on an "adventure" in October. Her story is told in full below. The team have had a tiring, worrisome month, with resources depleted due to Charlie's escapade, as well as having more elderly and sick dogs come in to the rescue. Doors have had to be shut, whilst we take stock, so to speak, and gather together whatever we can for the months ahead leading into Christmas, New Year and the winter. Our team of unpaid volunteers continue to work hard with all aspects of the rescue, many of them juggling their charity work around other commitments of job and family. Funds are always needed, even more so at present, and we are very grateful for all donations, no matter what the size, - every penny makes a difference.


New Arrivals

During October several dogs came in to the rescue in need of urgent veterinary attention or special care. Arnie the pug had been dumped at the pound, aged 12, blind, deaf, with skin problems, sores, bad teeth and diabetic. An appeal went out to our supporters for funds to help with his veterinary care, and many kind people donated, for which we are very grateful. Even happier news, Arnie has now been adopted, and will live the rest of his life in a loving, caring home. Little Snowie, an elderly Bichon Frise, came from a loving home, but sadly her mum has terminal cancer and her dad just couldn't cope with Snowie's incontinence problem. She is now in a great foster home. Amongst the other incomers, Cool Beanz at one year old is still just a pup, and has already had a hard life, but is now safe. Penny and Riz are looking for a foster or forever home, and Grace is currently under assessment. If you would like to follow the progress of all the incomers, check out our Facebook page and website lastchancehotel.org. We now have a new section for dogs under assessment; dogs are constantly being assessed in their foster homes and information changes regularly.

Still Waiting

Another month gone, and George, Josie and Harry are still waiting for a loving home to call their own. George is a lovely old boy, about 13 years old. He is an older, stocky, dumpy little staffy who loves to be with people. He’s not cat tested but doesn't really show an interest in much. He loves his balls and kong and is really good on the lead. A lovely calm home for George would be fantastic in his twilight years and somewhere he can just chill for the rest of his life. He would probably enjoy being an only dog. Do you have space on your sofa for George? 

Josie is a 3 year old Mastiff cross, a big bouncy girl who enjoys belly rubs. She is not keen on other dogs so will need to be the only dog in the household. This stunning girl is very playful, and she loves playing fetch the ball. Older, dog savvy children for Josie please, because of her size.

At the other end of the size spectrum, little Harry is a 3 year old Yorkie who needs a dog savvy home with older children only and no cats or small furries. Harry loves to play, enjoys his walks and cuddles and loves company. He can be a little nervous with strangers, but his confidence is growing and getting better. Harry seems to prefer women and is fine with other dogs as long as they don't get in his face. He is full of character, - a home with older dog savvy children will bring out his true fun loving colours and he will be a great addition to the family.

If you think you, or someone you know, could be that special someone for George, Josie or Harry, please go to our website lastchancehotel.org  or contact one of the team by email info@lastchancehotel.org

Happy Departures to New Homes

Do you remember Lola, the gorgeous freckle faced SBT cross? She had been waiting for such a long time for her special someone, but it seems that person was right under her freckly nose, - her foster mum Selena, who has seriously failed this month already with Dave the Rottie. Another "failed fosterer" is Louisa, who fell in love with Tatty from day one, and has now signed that all important adoption form with Tatty's name on it. We knew all along Louisa...... ! Dyson, who was featured last month, also wheedled his way into his fosterer's heart and is now staying put. Jessie the elderly crossbreed has found her forever sofa too, as have Tilly, Trevor and Patch, the Collie cross. LCH also facilitated the private rehoming of Butler, the Newfoundland X, who is settling in well with his new family.

Did you know?

Do you shop online? Easyfundraising is a scheme whereby you can shop at many popular retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, and they will donate a small percentage (usually 1%) of your order to the charity of your choice, with no extra expense to you. It is easy to sign up, have a look at their website easyfundraising.com.

If you shop at Amazon, we have a wishlist of goodies needed by the charity, from food and treats to collars, toys and poo bags!  Amazon LCH wishlist 

Charlie's Story

On Tuesday 11th October, Charlie, a recent incomer to the rescue, and in temporary foster whilst her full time foster mum was away, was out walking in Carnkie, Redruth. Suddenly she was spooked by a lorry, and slipped her collar. Charlie is a lurcher, long legged and fast. She had come in to Last Chance a few weeks before; she had been abused, was very nervous of people, painfully thin and deeply traumatised. Her first foster offer had fallen through at the last minute and so she was taken in by Anne-Marie, who gave her love, and started the process of breaking down the barrier of distrust. Anne-Marie had a vacation booked, so Charlie came down to Carnkie whilst she was away. Charlie was settling in nicely with her new foster parents and housemate. Then everything changed out on that walk.

Last Chance Hotel's Facebook page went full alert. Volunteers were called upon to search for her, she could be anywhere in that vast area around Carn Brea. At that point, there were no sightings of her at all, and everyone was sick with worry. Posters went up around the area, asking people to report any sighting of her, but not to try to catch her. Experts in the field gave advice, Last Chance followed that advice to the letter. Two of the team drove to Brighton to pick up a large dog trap, which had been offered on loan by another rescue. Then there were sightings of her, but, more worryingly, some people were trying to catch her themselves, by chasing her in their cars. She was also being fed by someone else, which interfered with the plan of action. She needed to have only one feeding station, to ensure she would come back to that place for sustenance, and then could be lured into the dog trap. At one point, she was seen limping badly, which was extremely worrying. As the days and nights wore on, the LCH team, along with volunteers, would be there on stake outs, from the evening until the early hours of the morning. Charlie was most often seen in the early morning and late evening; she would be lying low during the day. As sightings increased, the team set up a barbecue, to entice her to the all important food station, hoping the smell of freshly cooked meat would bring her closer and get her to take food near the trap. Despite all the information given out on Facebook, and on the posters in the area, well meaning people were still trying to catch her, and in so doing, risking driving her away. The team were at their wits end, through worry and lack of sleep. More and more people came forward to help; the staff of the Countryman pub at Piece and their customers, local residents, and supporters of Last Chance Hotel. Requests went out on Radio Cornwall to report any sightings of her, but to not approach. Anne-Marie returned from her holiday, and drove from her home in Devon to help with the search. Meanwhile the weather had turned colder and wet and Charlie really needed to be lying next to a roaring fire, not alone and frightened in some makeshift den.

After a couple of frustrating near misses, finally, after over two weeks of being on the run, Charlie took the bait in the trap and was caught. It was 2am in the morning of Thursday 27th October, thankfully in time to save her from the pandemonium of Halloween and Bonfire night. Despite the ordeal of being alone and frightened, she was in fairly good health, having been feasting on the tasty barbecued delicacies and various other delights prepared for her! She certainly seemed very happy to be back in the warmth, comfort and safety of home. When the news came through on Facebook, there were sighs of relief all round. Most people woke up to Sam's post and it certainly made everyone's day. Patience and dedication had paid off, Charlie was safe. She has now returned to Devon with Anne-Marie, and won't be going anywhere else. Last Chance Hotel would like to thank everyone who helped with sightings of Charlie, especially the residents of Carnkie and Piece, Four Lanes and Brea, the Countryman pub, and all the supporters who encouraged and were simply there to support the team in what has been a very difficult time.

October Fundraisers 

October may not be the best month for outdoor fundraisers, but when it came to dressing up in Halloween costumes to take part in a gymkhana and fun show jumping at Knightswood Stud and Equestrian Centre, there were plenty of takers. A great time had by all, with the show going on under floodlights late into the day. Thank you Becca Sampson, for organising a record breaking show, and everyone who joined in the fun to help the pooches.

Cake and more cake was the order of the day at CFP Software, helping to raise funds and go home armed with delicious treats. Grateful thanks to Helen for baking for England and to the staff members for supporting the cause. Also thanks to Support Adoption for Pets, who kindly donated a load of stuff for the auction.

Michael Tott of The Brea Inn, Higher Brea, was again in his element of quizmaster for the Pub Quiz in aid of LCH. Thank you to everyone who came along on the 8th October for a very enjoyable evening, to Jason and Claude for representing us, and to Michael for your ongoing support.

On a fine but windy autumn day a good entry of 36 teams from 17 Clubs took part in the final competition of the year of Cornwall Ladies Golf Association to raise funds for the Captain’s Charity, namely Last Chance Hotel. Thank you Nikki Hodge for the wonderful donation from your event at St Enodoc Golf Club, we truly appreciate your support.

If you would like to help LCH with a fundraising event, please contact the team with your idea on 01209 281159 or email Louisa on louisa@lastchancehotel.org. 

Thank You!

Wheely amazing!

Terri Carr has donated the fabulous gift of a little runaround, which will be used as a pet ambulance so volunteers can get animals to and from the vets, etc,...not just LCH animals, but all animals in need. Thank you so much for this very generous gift Terri, you are a star!

Duvets to dog beds

A massive thank you to Debbie Richards for gathering and laundering these quilts... all ready to be turned into dog beds to sell to raise some cash for LCH.

Music to our ears!

A lovely surprise donation from Joan W popped into our JustGiving account at the beginning of the month. This was a result of the Woodrock music event held at Grampound Woods in September. Thank you Joan, for thinking of us!

Chocolate cake and much more

A huge thank you to Carolyn and Desmond Harding for the lovely donations, chocolate cake, and raffle prizes. And to Carolyn for joining the home check team and representing LCH at the recent coffee morning event in Mabe; your support is invaluable.

Grateful thanks to Eirian Pascoe-Jones for the donation of the Dogmatic collar and Adaptil spray which arrived in the post. Thank you so much Eirian.

With deepest respect, we would like to thank Pamela Simpson and the family of the late John Simpson for the donation raised in memory of John. He was not only a lovely husband, father and grandfather but also a great animal lover. Thank you so much.

Thank you to everyone who made donations this month. The response to our recent appeals for funds has been brilliant, we can't thank you enough. We are so lucky to have such thoughtful and generous supporters. 

Last Chance Hotel Facebook Auction

Our Facebook Christmas Auction has now started. Please have a look at the many items up for grabs, and if you have anything yourself for the auction that can be posted easily, please get in contact with Kate Bridgeman via the Auction page: LCH Auction page

Dates for your Diary


Saturday 26th November 2016 

BINGO @ St Johns Church Hall, Mount Hawke - Eyes down 2.30pm

Sunday 11th December 2016

Annual Christmas Fayre at Crofthandy Village Hall, Nr St Day, TR16 5JQ 10am - 4pm. Stalls, refreshments and fun.


“I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source"

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