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Have a Little Faith!

How did it get to be the end of September already?

Wow! What a month this September has been! It has felt longer than any month I have ever experienced and it has flown by.

I had big plans for this month. Plans to put out my newsletter at the beginning of September. Plans to put up weekly blog posts with ideas to support educators. Plans to put out regular pep talk videos on my Facebook page. None of those plans came to fruition and here's why.

You may have come across the analogy of managing life and work and family and health as juggling balls. The key is to know that some balls are rubber and will bounce back and some are glass. There will be times when you have to let a ball (or two or three) drop in order to keep juggling the rest. What has been helpful for me is to realize that some balls are always glass like my mental and physical health and my relationships with the people in my home. Sometimes my work is a rubber ball. It bounces until I can catch it again. Sometimes my work is a glass ball when there are deadlines to meet and people to support and during those times, I let another ball drop. Usually it's the housecleaning/cooking ball and I hope that someone else picks it up!

What does this have to do with faith you may be asking? You may be wondering why am I even talking about faith. 

Well I didn't know it at the beginning of September but I see it so clearly now. The one thing that I have had to lean into this month is faith. Faith in my ability to drop the right balls and keep juggling the rest! Read on and I'll tell you more!

Word of the Month

Many words come to mind when I think of September 2020. Stress, uncertainty, worry, overwhelm, fatigue, change. And also strength, courage, resiliency, community, flexibility and support. But the word FAITH kept popping up. Which is unusual for me. It's not a word that I use very often. Intuition, gut instinct, problem solving, brainstorming are a bit more common.  However, this month more than anything the word faith kept coming up.

For me faith is a verb and a noun. It is something you do and it is something you have. Faith is a belief in something outside of myself. It is an understanding that there is something bigger at play in this life and by accepting that I can rest into that faith. Faith is an choice.

I haven't been good at this in the past. Faith is something I have had to cultivate through life experience and stepping outside the comfort zone of what is a sure thing. Doing something when I can't predict the outcome is an act of courage and faith. Really those 2 words are a power couple - like Barack and Michelle Obama.

If faith is a loaded word for you or not a word that aligns with you, hang in here with me for a bit longer and see if you can relate to the following examples.

1. Faith in our educators.

I had a ton of ideas to put out there for educators in late August and early September. Ideas to try in classrooms the first few weeks back. But I realized that there was so much information for schools and teachers at this time. They didn't need more information and ideas. And I leaned into the faith I have in our amazing educators to do what they do best - be there for kids as we navigate this new way of education.

2. Faith in my community.

As my own children went back to school I leaned further into faith. Faith in the families at my children's school to come together to keep others safe and keep the risk of Covid-19 low. Faith in others to follow the health guidelines as outlined. My anxiety lessened as I allowed myself to have faith in others.

3. Faith in humanity. 

Full confession - I've been spending a bit too much time following American politics. On September 11, a documentary called BoatLift: An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience came across my news feed. If you want to have your faith in the goodness of people restored take 11 minutes and watch it. It reminded me that despite what we see on the news or on social media, there are many many people who are kind, compassionate, and giving. 

4. Faith in myself

In spite of all the things I "should" or "could" have done this past month, I leaned into faith that I did the best I could. I focused on self-care and rest (and I was still exhausted!!!). I supported anxious friends (teachers and parents!!!). I worked to keep my home a place of calm for my people. And I did this while navigating fall colds, Covid testing and decision fatigue. Were there some overwhelming times? You bet! But mostly I had faith in my ability to figure things out as they came at me and if I couldn't figure it out then I would let someone help me figure it out. And when I couldn't find faith in anything I rested.

Faith as an Intentional and Courageous Act

As we finish off September and move into October, I encourage you to lean into faith. It's a choice you can make.

Right now I am choosing to have faith in the goodness of others.

I am choosing to have faith in our collective ability to figure out how to navigate education during a pandemic.

I am choosing to have faith in my family's ability to learn and grow through these uncertain times.

I am choosing to have faith in my ability and commitment to take care of myself in order to be there for others.

And I have faith in your ability to do the same!

Faith is not something we just have but rather it's a decision we make everyday.

If you are feeling a little low on faith in yourself or others, here are three ideas to start cultivating it!

  • Seek out stories of kindness (a quick google search will give you plenty)
  • Start doing random acts of kindness for others. In other words be the light you want to see in the word. (Random Kindness Ideas)
  • Take care of yourself! Your ability to be there for others, is directly related to your ability and willingness to take care of yourself. If you want to show up in the world with courage and faith, you need to be fueled up, energized and well. 

Courageous acts require faith and faith allows for more acts of courage.

Faith and courage require energy.

Rest and take care my friends!

I hope something I have shared here resonates with you. If you know someone who needs to hear this right now please share it with them.  I would love to hear your thoughts on faith especially in Covid-19 times. Send me an email at or find me on Facebook here.

I have faith in you!

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