A new release and a new giveaway!

Caitlyn Lynch, Author

Shenanigans Press has a NEW anthology available!

I told you last week that I had an exciting announcement for you, and here it is! Tempting Treats is a fabulous collection of Halloween and Samhain-themed steamy romance stories.

Enjoy fifteen stories filled with masquerades, magic, and more. Ranging from sweet to sexy, this anthology will fill all your Halloween needs. You’ll be seduced by Fae and succubi, vampires and shifters, witches and werewolves as you’re swept away by the magic of Halloween!

And, until Halloween, it's only 99 cents! Pre-order now to have it delivered to your Kindle account on October 6th, and get over 350 pages  of reading!

I'm Tempted!

Part One of Skylar Hill's Six Impossible Things is FREE!

Nora Phillips is done believing in the impossible.

After her fiancé leaves her for another woman just weeks before their wedding, Nora has to reevaluate her life big time. No more fairy tales for this sweet and savvy photographer: she’s giving up on flights of fancy for cold, hard reality. She’s moved to a new city, she’s about to start a new job, and she’s going to be a whole new Nora. 

Lucas Stone is all about the impossible.

There’s no mountain too high to climb and no challenge this charming billionaire won’t take on. Tragic loss defined his childhood, but it also taught him to embrace life at full speed. He’s spent his twenties—and his fortune—doing good, but now he feels restless. Like something, or maybe someone is missing. 

Six Impossible Things

The Billionaire's Intern by Arlo Arrow is out now and just 99¢!

I’m the new CEO of this company.
I saw her on the way here.
Her sweet, innocent face was just asking for it.
I knew I had to have her.
She worked as a secretory.
I had no idea that she worked for my company.
I needed to keep this quiet.
I couldn’t let a scandal jeopardize my position.
Especially when I was much older than her.
But I didn’t care.
I knew she would be mine.
And I can tell how badly she wants me, too.
I’ll show her just how bossy I can get.

The Billionaire's Intern

October Kindle Fire Giveaway

It's October, so it must be giveaway time! Of course, I'm giving away a Kindle Fire 7", but this month there are some extra prizes - to celebrate the release of Tempting Treats, I'm giving away three paperback copies too!

Click here to go to the Rafflecopter page to enter!

September's winner was Sarah M. from Hannibal, MO... just waiting for her to let me know which color she wants so I can send through her prize!

Until next week, hope you all are safe and well and enjoying your reading!

Caitlyn Lynch

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