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Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue & Rehome

Our new journey has begun. We have the keys to High View Farm; our vision for a place of sanctuary for lost souls can now become a reality. At the very start of the month, we saw that ‘rough winds do shake the darling buds of May’; and whilst our resolve is strong, the tasks ahead are so daunting as to shake the best of us at times. The list gets longer, the work more complex and expensive, but we have such a fabulous supporter base helping us to source materials, storage, deal with planning, and so many offers of hands-on labour, that we know we can do it.

Meanwhile rescue still goes on; vet bills continue to mount up. Case stories continue to shock and anger the LCH team and our supporters, - neglect, abandonment and abject cruelty on a massive scale. This is why Last Chance Hotel exists; we cannot stop it, but we can rescue, and start the healing process. But our work doesn’t end there; we also help educate and raise awareness about animal welfare issues, and provide advice and support for those who have short term difficulties to help their pets stay in the home. Rescue has many facets, we try our best to cover as many as we can.

As you know, LCH is run by a hard working team of unpaid volunteers, doing whatever we can for the love of animals. One of our fab team members, Carla, tells her story in this month’s newsletter, - keep the tissues within reach…..

Please don’t forget our Spring Fayre and Dog Show on the first Sunday of June; come and meet team members, enjoy some cake and refreshments, and help us make it the best Fayre to date!

Thank you for your support!

P.S. We hope you have enjoyed reading our news and articles each month. Our next one will be further into June, and thereafter they will come at approximately 6 week intervals, unless we have some really interesting news which won't wait! Until then, enjoy the start of summer.....


A bit of legal stuff.....again.....

Last month we thought we would be sending out an email to you asking you to re-subscribe to our mailing list due to the changing rules on Data Protection, but getting the details right has taken longer than we thought, and we do want to get it right..... So in the next week or so you should be receiving said email, which will explain everything you need to know.

Our cover girl: Maggie, a 10 year old Labrador, ex breeding bitch, and not an easy dog, but who is still in kennels and deserves the chance of a home life.

New Arrivals

Golden Retrievers, - beautiful dogs, and a family favourite because of their gentle nature and willingness to please. And yet, during March, we had 6 come through our doors within 10 days, one as young as 7 months, with guarding issues, which is unusual for any dog at that age. Ditzy, an older Goldie of around 8 years, was found as a stray, suspected abandoned. This gorgeous friendly girl needed a good bath and plenty of TLC. She came into foster in Cornwall and has now found a fab home where she is cherished, and has the new name of Angel. Lily and Yoda came into rescue as a result of sadly losing their owner. As they did not seem to be particularly bonded, Lily went on her way to a new home, but Yoda is still waiting for his. He is a super boy, just 7 years old, but he is a bit wobbly on his back legs because he was beaten as a pup, and really needs a home that is not up stairs. Archie, a sweet natured black lurcher, came into rescue following a phone call to Last Chance Hotel. We cannot say much about him, as the authorities are involved, except that he is recovering from injuries inflicted upon him, and now needs a very quiet foster home to help him heal and recuperate. Dear little Harry, an elderly JRT cross, with some health issues, a friendly soul who ended up in the pound through no fault of his own, has pulled at many heartstrings, but he is still waiting for a kind foster home to give him the care that he will surely need. And Bella has come back in to rescue; her owners had let her get away with all sorts, and despite her being a friendly, playful, cheeky 3 year old, she does need someone who will be firm but fair with her, - a large-breed savvy foster home that will kickstart her training.

Stop Press! Yoda has found a new loving home…. and Bella is in foster. Archie is still waiting for a very quiet foster home for recuperation.

These are just a few of the incomers for last month. If you would like to follow their progress, and find out more about all the others, please check out our Facebook page and website lastchancehotel.org. We now have a news section on the Home page; dogs are constantly being assessed in their foster homes and information changes regularly.

Happy Departures to New Homes

The large and the small, short and the tall all found their forever homes during April, including two fabulous failed fosters. Georgie Porgie has been in foster with Janet and family for six months; he settled in so well with them, and we waited for his new spec for putting him up for adoption, - but it never came…. This boy has really landed on all four paws with his new family and we wish them all many happy days ahead. Malachi, a fiesty little Papillon X, was up for adoption for four weeks before his fosterer decided that he wasn’t going anywhere. Lily, who with Yoda, had sadly lost her owner, has embarked on a new life in another loving home. Dear Corky didn’t seem to instil much interest initially, but finally found his special someone, such a lucky boy. For Kemby the pony, it was love at first grooming session, for his fosterer! Scooby, Bella the lab, Roxie, Buster and three Chi’s also found a forever spot on someone’s sofa. Have a great summer, all of you!


Fun Dog Show at Crofthandy

Andrew Russell is an avid supporter of LCH, and organises all sorts of fundraisers to help towards our vet bill. On Sunday 8th April he held a Fun Dog Show at Crofthandy Village Hall, - our usual venue for our Fayres and Dog Shows, and raised a whopping £240. It was a beautiful sunny day, with lots of peeps enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, and although Sarah Higgins had a hard job as judge, she made it a fun occasion for all. Best in Show went to Pogo, a rescue pooch who had been adopted just 9 weeks before. His owner Hattie couldn’t hide her pride in taking the BIS rosette and trophy home with her new companion. Massive thanks to all those who came along on the day, and of course to Andrew and Sarah, for making it an awesome day.

LCH Online Dog Show
Not ones to be loafing about doing nothing, Andrew and Sarah then got on with the Facebook Online Dog Show, which started on the same day, and has just finished as this newsletter is being put together. More vital funds raised, and lots of lovely pics of happy pooches. Anyone on Facebook can join in the fun, - pop along to ‘LCH Online fun dog show’ to take part. Thanks to Andrew for organising, and Sarah and Emma for the difficult task of judging all the entries.


Trebah Garden, Mawnan Smith
These beautiful, dog-friendly gardens are fab supporters of LCH, and each year we have an awareness weekend there. Team members Claudine and Glo get to meet some lovely pooches and their owners, and the odd Last Chancer drops in for a chat and photo opportunity. Pictured here are Glo with regular visitor Simon, with Millie, his recently adopted Last Chancer, LCH foster mum Gina with her motley crew, local girl Abbie with Dollie, who was visiting for the first time, and little Jack, who was adopted 4 years ago from LCH.

If you would like to help LCH with a fundraising event, please contact the team with your idea on 01209 281159 or email Louisa on louisa@lastchancehotel.org.

Rescues Revisited

This is what Last Chance Hotel is all about....


This is the beautiful Mollie Salter, who will be celebrating her 7th birthday in May. She has been with her family for 4 years; her proud mum says she is a good girl and a joy to own. Happy Birthday Mollie! Wishing you lots of special treats and a nice long walk!


"Human, I see you are eating toast.
Lola, the bottomless pit. AR

Thank you!

Cup of Coffee Appeal

Massive thanks to all you fabulous, generous peeps for signing up to regular monthly donations, - it makes a huge difference and helps us breath a little easier because we can plan more effectively. All it takes is a couple of pounds each month, - the price of a cup of coffee, but many of you have signed up for more than that. Please know that we are grateful for every donation, we realise times are hard for many, - a pound or two can be a lot for some people, - and that makes you even more special to us.

Meet the Team!

Volunteering for Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue as a Fosterer and much more….

Fosterers, - what would Last Chance Hotel be without them? Carla Whiting has fostered many dogs for us since she came on board a few years ago, - nearly always oldies in need of extra TLC, a kind hand, and a place to lay their heads. All our fosterers are special, but some are extra special….. This is Carla’s story….

My name is Carla Whiting. I have been part of LCH for over 3 years now.
I started off just attending the fayres and baking cakes for them to sell to raise funds. BUT all that changed when I saw a photo on the LCH information page, asking for an end of life foster home for an elderly Staffie boy called Edgar. Edgar was 13 and had been dumped on the streets by his previous owners and found himself in the pound on the PTS list. Basically, he was found to have an abdominal tumour, so his owners got rid of him like a piece of rubbish. He didn’t have long left, so I offered to take him. He came to me 3 days later and was the most beautiful little man ever. I fell in love with him instantly. Unfortunately, Edgar deteriorated fairly quickly and 6 weeks after coming to me, Edgar lost his fight. Even then, I couldn’t leave him to be dumped again, so had him cremated and he is still with me now. Although I was heartbroken, two days later, I was asked to take another urgent end of lifer, also in the pound on death row. This one was called Max and was again, 13. He came a week later and is living his days out in a forever home now. So it had started. I couldn’t bear the thought of an oldie, ending their life in a cold, stone kennel on the end of a catchpole. They deserved to be on a warm sofa, surrounded by love, with a full belly and a loving cuddle. After all, they had probably given this to their previous owners all their lives.

In the time I have been with LCH, I have fostered 36 dogs to date. A few of them are now at Rainbow Bridge, but the rest have found their forever homes. Some are still with me too. I have had mostly oldies and mostly Staffies, but have had puppies from 5 weeks old and several small dogs, some abused dogs but all have had a sanctuary at my house. It hasn’t all been easy though. I have had my kitchen chewed by the puppies, door frames and skirting boards, one of my oldies chewed my two seater sofa, I have been through numerous dog beds, pillows, cushions and duvets etc, but it is all just material items. Who cares about that when there is a life involved.

The two resident dogs I have, Alfie and Spike, on the far right of this pic, have definitely helped to foster the dogs in, especially Alfie who mothers them all. I think they make them all feel safe.
As the years have gone on, I have got more involved with LCH. I do occasional home checks, but now run the online auctions to help raise funds for LCH and also still bake many cakes for them. I still work full time and currently have 5 dogs in my care. The most I have had at any one time was 9, which was challenging. It can be very emotional too, but it is so rewarding. I have contact still with most of my foster boys and girls and it is so lovely to see them all again and hear what they have been up to in their new families and how they have settled in.

If any of you are thinking of fostering, please do it. It is so rewarding and I can guarantee that you will fall in love and probably also “fail” as a fosterer!!
If you can’t foster, you can help with fund raising, or collecting donations for our Charity shop in Redruth, holding a coffee morning, home checking or just raising awareness of our charity and sharing our Facebook posts. CW

High View Farm Update

We have the keys, we have the ideas, and we have the optimism, tinged with a teeny weeny bit of self doubt. So much planning ahead, and hard work, but we have embarked on this road and we will see it through. Our first task is to create a totally safe place for the dogs to be exercised and enjoy a run about. Fencing and posts are needed, - a lot of fencing and posts: 2000 feet of otter fencing or similar (it needs to be terrier proof) and 350 8 foot posts. We are appealing to anyone who could help us out in any way, local businesses and the like. Do you know someone who knows someone? Please spread the word, and help us build our sanctuary for lost souls.

Happy Gotcha Day!

“Gotcha Day” is the name given to the day a lucky hound first came into his or her forever home. Here are a few of tributes from April of that celebration of love

Happy Gotcha Day little Bruno. We had a phone call from Theresa saying a 17 year old JRT was coming in and needed a foster place. Selena dropped him off and he came in like a cruise missile! He made Jester play for 6 hours solid! Jester collapsed into bed at 9.30 pm exhausted! Bruno is celebrating this morning with a poached cod fillet! AR

HAPPY 4th “GOTCHA” DAY to my gorgeous Chunkie Monkie - can’t believe it’s been 4 whole years since this wonderful boy chose us to rescue! Just love him soooo much. A-MR

4 years ago we adopted Maverick… AF

Happy Gotcha day to Milly and Molly..... 3 years on and going strong, loved by the whole family. Honestly they have surprised (and delighted) us all. Thank you LCH for your support. CC

Please don’t throw out your old mobile phones, - they can be recycled and earn funds for LCH. We would also like your used inkjet cartridges, but they have to be original Canon or HP ones please, not the already recyled ones. Please take or post them to the Hub Shop in Redruth.

Rainbow Bridge

Eric came in to rescue in April last year. He was an old man, a bit wobbly on his legs, but settled happily into his fab foster home with his family of labradors and enjoyed his walks in the sweet Cornish air. Sadly, he didn’t quite make his Gotcha day, before he decided that it was time to go off on another adventure…. RIP dear Eric, you are greatly missed. All our love to foster mum Samantha.

Brigadier Bear, - this boy ended up in the pound after years of neglect. Yet he was a gentle giant, who broke the heart of his foster mum when he ambled off to the Rainbow Bridge. He was here for 3 months, he got to go to the beach and see the sea, and he knew love until the very end. A gentle giant who broke hearts with this photo, taken when he was in the pound. Run free with the hounds, Brigadier Bear, it was a privilege to know you..

Dates for your Diary

Saturday 26th May 2pm - 4.45pm (last reading)
The Conference Room, The Parkhouse Centre, Ergue-Gaberic Way, Bude EX23 8LD
Charity Tarot Reading Event in aid of LCH. £10 per 10-15 minute reading, please bring exact money.

Sunday 27th May all day
Tyacks Hotel 27 Commercial Street, Camborne, Cornwall, TR14 8LD
Rock Charity Fest in aid of LCH and two other charities; featuring Hells Bells plus supporting acts.

Sunday 3rd June 10am - 4pm SAVE THE DATE!!!
Crofthandy Village Hall, Nr St Day, TR16 5JQ.
Our Spring Fayre and Companion and Fun Dog Show.  Details of classes are on our website Events page.

Friday 15th June 8pm start
St Agnes Methodist Church, 30 British Rd, Saint Agnes TR5 0UA. A concert held in aid of LCH, live music from Raise the Ruth, Barbed Choir and others. Raffle and refreshments.

Details of these events can be found on our website Events page.

Did you Know?

We have a NEW LAST CHANCE HOTEL PAGE, still evolving, which aims to keep you updated with all the latest news on the dogs and much more. Please click on the link and ‘like’ our page.

We have other Facebook groups: LAST CHANCE HOTEL AUCTION runs auctions throughout the year, with loads of fab stuff up for grabs, raising vital funds for our vet bill. The current one ends Saturday 12th May.

Our LCH ONLINE DOG SHOW group allows you to show off your pooches from the comfort of your armchair, and also helps raise funds for our vet bill.

Our Amazon Wishlist, by which you can purchase specific goodies and have them delivered to us, is a lovely way to send a present for our animals! The link will take you straight there for a browse of all sorts of goodies from toys and chews to harnesses, coats and lovely food.

There are also ways to help raise funds for us whilst you’re shopping online, which don’t cost you a penny. Easyfundraising is a scheme whereby you can shop at many popular retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and they will donate a small percentage (usually 1%) of your order to the charity of your choice, with no extra expense to you. Giveasyoulive is a similar scheme, with over 4000 retailers involved.

Like all charities, we depend almost entirely upon the generosity of our wonderful supporters. We have several ways in which monetary donations can be made: PayPal is easy and convenient for the many people who hold an account.

JustGiving provides another way of donating and also an opportunity for individuals to fundraise for us through sponsorship of a personal challenge. In addition, it allows us to claim back the Gift Aid part of the donation which can add vital pennies.

If neither of these methods are suitable, then we are more than happy to accept donations via direct bank transfer using the following information:

Last Chance Hotel
Sort code: 20-67-19
Account no: 73797503
(Do drop us a quick email with your details so we can say thanks!)

or cheques, if sent to our Treasurer, at the address given at the bottom of this newsletter.
Thank you from Team LCH and all the animals!

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen

Orhan Pamuk (Novelist and Nobel Prize winner)


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