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Edition 41 - January 2019

Thanks to you, we had a FABULOUS 2018!  We really appreciate your support!  GOD BLESS YOU!

Christmas at the Centre

Our Christmas Performance this year opened with Jamie Grace's song, 'Beautiful Day', sung beautifully by Lisa van der Grinten. Victor van der Grinten followed with a Hip-Hop dance to Kirk Franklin's song, 'Today'. Following Victor, the Children of the Light dancers danced to 'Joy to the World' and then the children performed a story titled, 'The Little Hummingbird'. In Ghana, plastic waste is seen everywhere, so we aimed to use this story to bring light to this. We wanted to encourage everyone that the little we do can make a difference to help our beautiful planet. Our MC: Sarah Apaw, and the children did a tremendous job and the costumes were outstanding. The program ended with a time of greeting and refreshments. Special thanks to all who attended and our wonderful sponsors: SHOPRITE, HILLBURI, THE LODGE TAVERN, Laurie Korum and all individual supporters. May God bless you all!

Children of the Light performs at FOCOS Hospital

Every December, we make a trip to FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital to perform for the children on extended stay. This year's visit was another one that we will always remember. After the performance, the children shared colorful parcels containing a washcloth and soap to the FOCOS children and all the patients on the wards. Special thanks to Paschalina Dabre, Tigist Desalegn and Mohamed Tarawally for organizing everything before we arrived. Also, thank you to Action Boys Football Club for the use of their bus to transport the children.

Colorful parcels to the elderly in the community

Once again, we reached out to the elderly in the community. Early one Saturday morning in December, the CotL staff and children met to give out colorful parcels containing a washcloth and bath soap. It was a wonderful time for all! The children sang as they gave the parcels and those who received were delighted. As we gave, we remembered the great words of Christ, "It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Spelling Bee in November

In November, we held our annual Spelling Bee. It was an extremely competitive event, but we eventually sorted the winners (photo below). Prior to the Bee, the children who had completed the 'Vocabulary Workshop' text, took an exam that covered the year's work. All the children who sat the exam did remarkably well. We take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for the event: First Love Foundation, TOP CHOCO, Extra Mile West Africa, Caves and Gardens, and CotL staff and volunteers who worked so hard with the children.

Last Day Party for 2018

At the end of the year, we organize what we call our 'Last Day Party.' This year it was held on Saturday, December 29th. In the morning, the children competed in a talent show and then enjoyed a feast of jollof rice and chicken. Once the meal was over, everyone headed down to the field where they played games and enjoyed snacks. A special thanks to SHOPRITE, HEALTHILIFE and TOP CHOCO, your support helped make this day so special.

Message from the Founder

Currently, it is harmattan (dry season) in Ghana. I recently learned that there are certain plants you do not water in the harmattan due to termites searching for water. Completely unaware of this, by watering I killed the coconut seedling that we recently planted. As I was diligently watering the seedling, the termites below were having a feast. It was yesterday, that I came to meet a fallen stalk. Kwame, our farmer, was quick to tell me the cause when I showed him the broken off stalk. Even though I have lived on the mountains for close to 25 years, I will always be an apprentice on the farm. Apart from this misfortune, the land is looking great. Kwadjo Opoku, Hans Mensah along with a few other boys are currently leveling and enlarging the netball court. Once complete it will be fantastic.

On another note, we are in the process of purchasing more land for the organization. This investment is to enable us to make the playing field bigger and preserve the land by the stream for all the plants, trees, birds and little animals. We will also use this area for programs that will instill a love for the environment.

We continue to seek funding to complete the centre and to now finalize payment on the recent land purchase. Any donation toward this would be greatly appreciated.

The centre is currently on break and classes will resume on Saturday, February 2nd. We are always in search for volunteers. If volunteering interests you, do contact me for more information.

On a final note, I wish to thank all who are supporting us whether through the child sponsorship program, general donations, or in kind. Your kindness, generosity, and support have been invaluable!!! God bless you!

Warm regards,

Jeanette Opoku

Acknowledgments: First Love Foundation, USA; PFC Auditing Services, Ghana; The Hazel Dick Trust, NZ; SHOPRITE, Ghana; Hillburi, Ghana; The Lodge Tavern, Ghana; Healthilife, Ghana; Action Boys Football Club, Ghana; TOP CHOCO, Ghana; Extra Mile West Africa, Ghana; Caves and Gardens, Ghana, and all the individual CotL supporters. THANK YOU!

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