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November ReCap


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Well, that was fast. November came and went in a flash. A lot happened and there is so much to be grateful for. Join me in recapping November. 

I wrote a few blog posts. You can catch up on my ramblings here:

Shrimp and Grits Geechie Style #whatsonyourplateblogchallenge 

Busy Week (or was it two?)

Kids' Table Evolution

Did you catch me on blog interviews and podcasts?  I am getting comfortable with the multimedia platforms. It is a steep learning curve. Here are the latests visits. 

The TufFish Show with Jenn Milius

Stories are Magical on the WalkShow with Walker Neer

#guestDayTuesday on The Write Stuff with Marcia Meara

The Writer's Dream with Linda Marie Frank 

Cut-Out Lily and I attended the virtual Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. We cheered all of the winners (included us) and participants.

The Heart of Bakers and Artists is American Best Book Award Finalist in Children's Fiction. I am running out of sticker room on the cover.

It was a happening! Crowds gathered. Local papers interviewed and took pictures.

The LIVE Book Launch celebrated the releases of the Becoming America's Stories on November 13th. The Cool Beans Coffee Shoppe proved to be a warm and spacious venue for the party. Thank yous to My Everyone who came out to celebrate with me and Cut-Out Lily. 

Looking Forward

Stay tuned for my interview and book promos with Jed Doherty from Reading With Your Kids podcast. 

I will be at several LIVE fairs and events this month.

Verde's Winter Wonderland Boutique

December 1st  5-10 pm

70 East Main Street Bay Shore

Islip Arts Gallery Holiday Market

December 4th & 5th

10 am -7 pm

Westfield South Shore Mall Bay Shore (next to Dick's)


Holiday Book Gifts for Kids and Teens

Are you looking for book gifts for a kid who loves to read? Check out the 32 books listed in this Book Funnel promotion. Of course The Heart of Bakers and Artists and The Dreams of Singers and Sluggers are featured. 

Did you buy a book? Did you love it?

Help your fellow book club friends and bibliophiles find a great read by leaving a review on Amazon and your Goodreads account. 

The Heart of Bakers and Artists

The Dreams of Singers and Sluggers

Becoming America's Food Stories

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