While at Long Con

My table partner was out perusing the other artist's wares. She came back with an interesting crime/noir drama bordering on the supernatural (at least I gather from the cover of part 4). It also came with a very neat little folded card stock character set. Very cool.


The Locksmith

Parts 1 - 2 of 4.
Written by Terrance Grace
Art by Silvio DB

Buy Part 1 on Ebay HERE.

Old man hears a noise in the middle of the night.

The story of The Locksmith is set in NYC, namely The Bronx. An old man awakens in the night to the sound of things coming apart in his small apartment. He has a seizure, and drops dead. The next day the caretaker of the apartment calls in the police, where they prepare to go through their procedure of dealing with the body. Only the man isn't really dead... yet. He gets one or two last heaves of glazed-eyed bewilderment before expiring.

But who was he really?

But then there's an explosion. The man's head blew up, as if there was an explosive inside it. Detectives Bobby and Micky, brothers in the police force as in real life, try to piece together the meaning of all this. A mysterious powerful government agency is also monitoring the events, later enlisting the help of Micky.

Without giving too much away, there's a strange phenomenon tied into everyone who was in the room with the exploding-head man. He was a Guardian of a portal to another dimension, and with his passing there will be dark days ahead!

A few nit picky notes aside, the grammar is off some times and the balloon placement seems arbitrary. However The Locksmith does flow nicely in its story, with a long poetic observational rumination here and there by Bobby as he deals with fallen comrades. There's a deeper darker story floating in the background and Terrance Grace is wise enough to let it take its time before taking over the narrative. There's no sense of urgency here, which in most cases would seem a detraction. Here, the slow pace and few words work out just right.

Parts 3 and 4 are for next Tuesday. The cover on Part 4 has an astronaut on it, so I'm bound to run into a few bizarre things yet...

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