8 web elements that give your website structure.
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8 web elements that give your website structure

A job well-done is when visitors come to your website and find exactly what they’re looking for while you keep them engaged and guide them towards the desired goal.

You can accomplish this by using a variety of website elements that give your site structure.

Click below to read the article and see our checklist with 8 must-have web design elements for a good website. Plus, we're giving you an opportunity to share your website and ask our advice in the comments again :)

Discover the 8 elements + see checklist
Beginner's guide to SEO basics

As most of you know, we like to Keep it Lite, especially with complicated topics like search engine optimization. To that end, we created an SEO guide designed for people who want to grow their website traffic without going into all the super technical mumbo jumbo. We've broken up this comprehensive guide into bite-sized pieces so you can learn what you want, when you want. 

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