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Nov 23, 2019

"Just to say you should read his Heir to crown series, it is brilliant." - John P.

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On the Homefront

With too many things on the go in recent weeks, we decided to take a bit of a break. So this week consisted of enjoying some Holiday movies, both old favourites and a few new ones, while relaxing on the couch with Tilly and Daisy.

We also went out for a treat at a local cafe. You will have to trust me that it looked as good as it tasted because, by the time Carol pulled out her phone to take a picture, I had already eaten my cookies and cream cake!

Cover reveal! Mercerian Tales: The Making of a Man
His father says Bodden was cursed the day he was born.

Life on the frontier is harsh, leaving little room for mercy, but Richard, second son of the baron, believes there has to be a better way.

Even from an early age, he struggles to find his place in a world where he is neither needed nor wanted, powerless to change his fate.

It is only when he meets a knight of renown that he learns what it is to be truly noble.

Finally able to control his own destiny, he must choose between the past and the future for the sake of Bodden.

Gather some cheese and crackers, and get ready to start reading Mercerian Tales: The Making of a Man soon!

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Congrats to Sue R who won last week's Giveaway where the correct guess was Defender of the  Crown

The Army of Merceria - Part II


When the original mercenaries arrived in Terengaria (the landmass that encompasses Weldwyn, Merceria, and the Twelve Clans), they were organized into groups, each led by their own leader. These groups ranged anywhere from a dozen warriors to more than two hundred and fifty. After they moved east after their defeat in Weldwyn and began settling, these companies became more organized, leading to a formalization of rank and structure.

The organization that was widely used in Merceria divided the entire army into individual companies. By design, these contain an official strength of fifty men, though they are often lower due to illness, injury or lack of recruitment. Companies typically include one or two sergeants and a captain, neither of which counts towards their overall numbers. Thus, in reality, there are 52 or 53 men in a company.

Any higher rank structure was minimal. If an officer controlled more than one company, they were referred to as a commander. In Weldwyn, the army is led by the king or his delegate, often a prince or trusted noble, but in Merceria that responsibility usually fell to the position of the marshal-general.

In the early days of Merceria, the king would designate a trusted leader to marshal his horse or foot, leading to the adoption of the rank Marshal of Horse, or Marshal of Foot, but later, after realizing the importance of using combined arms, these positions were replaced by the marshal general, who had the power to call on all forces of the kingdom.

This organization remained in place in Merceria until the recent reforms of Queen Anna in 963, which are detailed in Burden of the Crown.

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Work in Progress Update

So what’s coming up next? I have The Making of a Man, Richard Fitzwilliam’s story, that is undergoing final proofreading. It tells of Richard’s coming of age and will be released between Christmas and the New Year. After that comes Embers, the second book in The Frozen Flame series, which is scheduled for release in late January 2020. It is currently in the editing stage, so the dates are estimates.

We always like to have time to make changes if the BETA readers have suggestions. Of all the books I have written so far, Heart of the Crown had the biggest changes during the editing stage, due to the excellent feedback our BETA team gave us.

Beyond that, I have several projects in various design stages, including a series of short stories involving Brother Cyric, who was introduced in Ashes. There is also another series I have planned, entitled The Power Ascending, that will tell the story of two individuals, each on their own path to power. As of yet, I am still trying to decide whether this will be one series per character, or not since there are elements that overlap in their storylines.

Of course, the more I write, the more I start thinking about all the possibilities in my world. Suffice it to say that I have plenty left in me for many years in the future.

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