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It's Day 7 of the Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp!

And today you need to do NOTHING!

I decided to pull in some support of the relaxation and stress management experts today, so there's no audio from me, instead a a couple of videos I thought you'd all enjoy.

Really take time out today and rest as much as you can. From tomorrow, we revisit the week one videos and we want you to push yourselves super-duper hard and see the progress you've made in just seven days!

Have a fun day :)

Janey x

Don't forget, all of your content is available on the Tummy ATTACK password protected pages.

CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Welcome page (password: TA)
CLICK HERE for the Tummy ATTACK Week 1 page which contains your Day 7 content (password: TA)

5 relaxation techniques to relax your mind in minutes

I found this and had to share it with you! It's filled with lots of lovely little and simple techniques that will help you relax and understand your mind more!

It's just less than ten minutes long, click the image below...

Stress management tips galore!

Leo Gura has loads of mini videos out there about all sorts of things but I LOVE this stress management one! It's 23 minutes and is packed with mind shifts, enjoy!

Click the image below to watch!

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