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Thanksgiving is upon us, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you this Friday as you shop for local ingredients!

With 18 producers at market this week, you will find delicious fresh, seasonal vegetables (specifics below), a variety of mushrooms, meats & poultry, breads for stuffing, cheeses & yogurt, flours & grains for baking, olive oil, sweet treats & prepared foods! Preorders are definitely encouraged with vendors who have that option. Keep reading for fresh TURKEY options!

A few notes for 11/20:

  • Thank you for your consideration in allowing only Seniors + others at-risk to shop in the first half hour, from 3–3:30pm. All others are welcome from 3:30–5pm!
  • Did you catch Fiddle Creek Dairy in The Guardian last week? Read about their commitment to restoring the riparian buffer on their farm.
  • Enjoy a perfect-for-Thanksgiving recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte Tea Cake from Deer Creek Malthouse using ingredients from market!
  • Preorders continue to be welcomed by vendors who offer the option. Ensure you get what you need—and make your market trip faster!
  • Please feel free to borrow one of the wagons at entry to carry your market haul! Return it when done — we sanitize the handle for the next customer.
Let's talk TURKEY!

Canter Hill still has a few unclaimed heritage whole turkeys around 24lb+, but you must order tonight (Tuesday) by MIDNIGHT. Stash leftovers in the freezer for winter soups & casseroles!

FRESH TURKEY CUTS are available BY PREORDER for smaller feasts! (bone-in or boneless turkey breasts, drumsticks, legs, wings, thighs, stock, etc)

  • To pickup turkey cuts at market this FRIDAY, order by THURSDAY at noon.
  • To pickup cuts on TUESDAY 11/24 in Kennett, order by end of day SUNDAY.

Pickup on Tuesday 11/24 is for PREORDERS ONLY. (No walk-up sales.) You can also preorder any of their other items—eggs, sausage, chicken, pork, etc! Preorder pickup site is in the Kennett Library parking lot from 6–7pm.


Holiday Gift Guide for 11/20

Here are some more gift ideas from market, all available this Friday:

Farms & Growers
Birchrun Hills Farm
Walk-Up Sales Only

Birchrun Hills is a small dairy farm with an on-site creamery in northern Chester County operated by the Miller family. Jesse Miller brings a range of cheeses every other week—from their famous Birchrun Blue to fresh, mild spreads, with a wonderful variety in between. Fresh spreads, fromage blanc, fetacréme fraîche are also available this week.

Try their newest addition, Ola! A hand-formed lactic bloomy rind coated in the spices sumac & espelette pepper.

Looking for a unique family or corporate holiday "gathering"? Check out their VIRTUAL cheese tastings!

Payment: Card, Cash, Check, Apple Pay, tap-to-pay

Preorder Note: Be sure to select "Kennett Square Farmers Market" as your pickup location.

Preorder by Thurs @ 12 NOON
Canter Hill Farm
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

Pasture-raised poultry & eggs, pork, and grass-fed beef & lamb. A wide variety of cuts along with an assortment of sausages made from pork, chicken, lamb & turkey. Every Friday.


NEW special products this week!  Get loose pork/sage sausage which is excellent for stuffing! & pork maple links ($9/lb).

Payment options: Card, Venmo, Cash, Check

Preorder note: Email order list, name & pickup location as KSQ for the date of market to If you want to be invoiced & pay in advance, please request that in your email.

Preorder by Wed @ midnight
Fiddle Creek Dairy
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

Every other week, Tim Sauder brings 100% grass-fed milk from his family's micro-dairy in Quarryville. And the best Greek & Swiss yogurts around—all natural, no fillers, no sweeteners. Plus Camembert cheese. Ask him what cuts of grass-fed beef are available!

Tim also brings a selection of lacto-fermented foods from friends at Gap View Homestead—delicious ginger carrots, sauerkraut, a mild gingery kimchi, dilly beans & beet kvass. Also pickled beets (not fermented.) From friends at Livengood Family Farm, Strawberry Jam & Grape Jelly.

Payment options: Cash or Check

Preorder Note: Be sure to select "Kennett Square" as your pickup location.

Preorder by Thurs @ 12 NOON
Flying Plow Farm
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

Seasonal greens, vegetables & herbs from their certified organic farm in Rising Sun. Every market week through Winter!

Also pasture-raised chicken & grass-fed beef (available by preorder only.) 

This week's harvest: All the green things! Bok choi, escarole, collard greens, curly kale, radicchio, rainbow chard, cabbage, spinach, lettuce mix, arugula, greens mix, red Russian kale, Brussels sprouts, sage, marjoram.

Also: garlic, butternut squash, beets, kohlrabi, Hakurei turnips, carrots, broccolini, radishes, watermelon radishes, celeriac, scallions, leeks, sweet potatoes (all-purple, white Murasaki)

They also have onions, shallots, potatoes & other items from Lancaster Farm Fresh by preorder only.

Payment: Card, Cash or Check

Preorder Note: Be sure to select "Kennett Square" as your pickup location.

Preorder by Wed @ midnight
Medina Mushrooms
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

PREORDERS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to ensure getting what you need for Thanksgiving recipes!

Medina Mushrooms brings a variety of fresh, nutritious mushrooms every week from their own Honeymoon Farm in Oxford. Take home some white button, crimini, shiitake, oyster, king oyster, maitake, lions mane, portobellos, honey mushrooms, or yellow oyster. Or choose a bag of mixed varieties. Bulk boxes also available by preorder.

They also have chicken & chicken parts available by preorder only.

Payment: Card, Cash, Apple & Google Pay

Preorder Note: Be sure to choose "Kennett Square Farmers Market" as your pickup location. Orders are accepted until Thurs at 7am in the week prior to market days.

Preorder by Thurs @ 7 AM
My Greens
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

David Arias is a Kennett-based microgreens grower, bringing them to market every other week. Microgreens are young stages of traditional vegetables and herbs. Despite their small size, microgreens are loaded with nutrients & flavor!

This week's micro harvest: (may vary) Sunflower shoots, Broccoli, Kale, Beet, Arugula, Basil, Cilantro & Rainbow Chard

Payment: Card, Venmo, Cash or Check

Preorder Note: Preorder details in link below. Email or text 302.766.3453 and provide name, contact info, selection & note Farmers Market pickup.

Preorder by Thurs @ 11 AM
Swallow Hill Farm
Walk-Up Sales Only

Elizabeth & Douglas use organic and regenerative practices on their farm in Cochranville, bringing incredibly "fine produce home grown with love" to KSQ every week!

This week's harvest:

Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, red Savoy cabbage, winter squash (Autumn Frost + butternut). Also, Salanova red butter lettuce, spinach, radicchio, and assorted peppers.

NEW! sprigs of Rosemary & Sage

Payment: Cash or Check only, S/FMNP

Food Artisans
Aunt Mamie's Italian Specialties
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

Mike & Theresa Vaccaro use all-natural ingredient in making their fresh pastas & other Italian specialties from scratch. Preorders are recommended!

HOLIDAY SPECIALS for family meals! 4-Pack of Stromboli, Spaghetti & Meatball Dinner, Cheese Stuffed Shells & Meatball Dinner, Grown-Up Mac & Cheese

  • Fresh pasta: cavatelli, spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, fettuccine & pappardelle. Plus fresh wheat fettucine & spaghetti.
  • Gncocchi: potato, ricotta + pumpkin
  • Ravioli: 3 cheese, spinach & cheese, butternut & gorgonzola
  • Heat + Eat meals: see all the options here
  • Stromboli: Italian, Pepperoni, Sausage & Pepper
  • Sauces: alfredo, marinara, rosa, basil pesto, vodka sauce

Payment: Card, Cash or Check

Preorder Note: BE SURE TO SELECT "Kennett Square Market" as your pickup location.

Preorder by Thurs @ 3 PM
Brandywine Valley Bread
Walk-Up Sales Only

Fran bakes naturally leavened sourdough breads using all local & organic grains milled in-house, crafting flavorful & more easily digestible breads. Find the McLaughlins at market every week with a selection of Baguettes, Boules (unsliced and sliced), Bagels, and Pastries (morning buns, croissants).

Call the bakery by Friday morning to items set aside for you!

Want something fresh for Thanksgiving? Preorder for pickup at their Downingtown bakery on Wednesday 11/25 (8–2). Their breads & bagels also freeze well!

Payment: Card, Cash or Check

Deer Creek Malthouse
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

Deer Creek will be at market bi-weekly for now, offering baking ingredients, a variety of grains (whole kernel, coarse or stone ground), home-brewing ingredients and kits, craft foods and beverages - all made from 100% locally grown grain.

  • Check out their new recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte Tea Cake!
  • New beer! Outlaw Country is made with 100% Pennsylvania craft malt. A hybrid beer, taking concepts from both pale ale hopping regiment and cold fermentation lagering program.

Payment: Cards or EXACT CASH only

Preorder Note: Select "Kennett Square Farmers Market" as your pickup location.

Preorder by Thurs @ 12 NOON
Mediterranean Delicacy
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

Find the Bensalem's at market most 1st & 3rd Fridays with their rich & flavorful organic/unfiltered olive oil from family groves in Tunisia. Also organic argan oil, unique spice blends (harissa, za’atar etc), cured olives, spreads and preserved lemons as available. Plus beautiful olive wood cutting boards, bowls & utensils!

Order a case of olive oil and get 15% off—great for gifts!

Payment: Cards, Cash or Check

Preorder Note: Select "Kennett Square Farmers Market" as your pickup location.

Preorder by Thurs @ 12 NOON
Little Goat Coffee Roasting
Walk-Up Sales + Limited Preorders*


Little Goat brings freshly roasted, organically grown, and ethically sourced coffee beans from their coffee shop and micro-roaster in Newark DE. They have a variety of pre-packed whole beans*. They will be at market this week 11/6 & finally in two weeks 11/20.

And for tea lovers, loose leaf "Immuni-tea" + tulsi chai!

*If you prefer to preorder–OR–if you need your beans freshly ground, email Olivia by Thursday @ 12 noon:

Payment options: Venmo or PayPal, Cash, Check

Sunset Park Baked Goods
Walk-Up Sales*

Fred’s gluten-free/vegan/nut-free/soy-free baked goods can be enjoyed by anyone! He always has a variety of cookies (molasses, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodles, lemon, sugar-free); sweet breads (zucchini, pumpkin, banana, chocolate chip, carrot); and sweet-tooth satisfying whoopie pies (pumpkin, chocolate, lemon, mocha).

Payment: Cards, Cash or Check

*Preorder Note: Fred takes special or advance orders with payment at market—just reach out!

Taste of Puebla
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

Easy Friday night dinner & weekend snacks! Corn chips, guac, salsas, beans, rice, tamales (cold only), pozole, burrito packs, chili poblano, Mexican lentils, pulled pork, mole poblano, Mexican rice, black beans, etc. They also have Taco Kits & Nacho Kits! Plus homemade tortillas! All freshly made with care in their commercial kitchen here in Kennett Square.

Payment: Card, Cash or Check

Preorder Note: Select "Kennett Square Farmers Market" as your pickup location.

Preorder by Thurs @ 12 NOON
Tat's Yummies
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

PREORDER for Thanksgiving! Pies, cakes, cookies, custom trays, and more. Some items could be picked this Friday at market, or coordinate pickup/delivery for next week.

Melina has a wide variety of sweet delicacies including macarons, pastries, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and pies—made with simple, natural ingredients. Also tender, savory foccacia & mini quiches! She also creates custom cakes for special occasions, so reach out in advance for your needs.

Preorder by Thurs @ 12 NOON

  • Select from Melina's menu HERE
  • Email or call: / 302.480.0444
  • Provide name, contact info & note pickup @ KSQ Farmers Market.

Payment: PayPal or Cash

Valentine Chocolate Co.
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales


Sandy Valentine handcrafts small batches of unique chocolates using the highest quality ingredients in her chocolate kitchen located at the Malvern Train Station. She will be at KSQ this week (11/20) and 12/4 + 12/20 with her fresh boxed chocolates, perfect for delicious gifts or personal indulgence!

Payment: Card, Cash or Venmo

Preorder Note: Select "Kennett Square Farmers Market" as your pickup location in checkout.

Preorder by Thurs @ 12 NOON
Local Makers
Bee Our Guest Wraps
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

Adriana & Peter make the most beautiful & functional food wraps using a beeswax blend applied to locally-sourced fabric to keep foods fresh. Easy to use & easy to maintain, their beeswax wraps help you reduce single-use plastic in your kitchen every day. They also have cloth masks!

The wraps should be good for a year's worth of use, but once the beeswax wears down, bring them back to have them restored!

Payment: Card, PayPal, Cash or Check

Preorder Note: At checkout, select "PICKUPS" & email to let them know you'll pickup at the KSQ market this week.

Preorder by Thursday @ 10 PM
Botanical Bubbles
PREORDERS + Walk-Up Sales

Sherri's handmade soaps, hand sanitizer, soothing salves, oil blends, insect repellent, beard care, laundry butter, cleaners, and other products help you take care of body & home naturally.

Sherri has a wide selection of holiday Gift Baskets available, ready for giving. Custom baskets are also possible—just ask!

Payment: Venmo, Cash App, Cash or Check

Preorder Note: Her site will send up to checkout through PayPal. Be sure to click on "Pickup $0.00"

Preorder by Thursday @ 12 NOON

Seasonal Market Hours

Please help us by respecting these designated hours.

  • 3–3:30pm is reserved for seniors & other at-risk customers
  • 3:30–5pm is for all customers

Rain or Shine!

We're committed to being a rain or shine market! Check Facebook & Instagram for updates if you're uncertain on market day.

Location & Parking

Find us in the parking area of The Creamery of Kennett Square @ 401 Birch St. The Creamery is open starting at 3pm on Fridays. FREE PARKING is available on the WEST side of 226 East Birch St (across the street from Braeloch Brewing). We encourage you to use the lots versus the street to be respectful to residents on Birch.

We greatly appreciate our market community's continued cooperation with distancing as much as possible while shopping and wearing a mask. Our producers also appreciate your respect as you interact with them! Let's continue to work together to keep each other healthy. Thank you!

Safe Shopping Guidelines
  • We continue to require masks per the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Unless you are a senior 60+ or at higher riskPLEASE WAIT until 3:30pm to arrive!
  • Follow our signs to ENTER at the EAST end of The Creamery lot near the vintage pickup truck.
  • When using cash, change IS available from most vendors at this point, but we encourage you to pay with exact change as much as possible. Bring plenty of small bills.
  • PLEASE only handle product you are purchasing.
  • Clean, reusable bags are OK, but please pack them yourselves.
  • Of course, stay home if you have any signs of illness.
  • THANK YOU for your continued support & cooperation!
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