Newsletter Summer 2018

The 4th Spirit of Humanity Forum

Discovering harmony in a world of difference

Spiritual resilience in practice

Reykjavik, 30 May - 1 June 2019

Dear Spirit of Humanity friends, we are pleased to announce that the next Reykjavik Forum will be held at Háskólabío, University of Reykjavík, and at the adjacent Veröld, the Vigdís Finnbogadóttir (former President of Iceland) Institute of foreign languages, inaugurated in 2017. 

From fear and conflict to rediscovering harmony

Diversity and interdependence are virtues of healthy societies and harmonious ecosystems. However, when access to resources, opportunities and power are unequally distributed and people have different needs and interests, difference in itself becomes a reason for fear and conflict. 

What can we do to help a deep shift in human consciousness to take place, a shift from fear and separation towards a rediscovery of the inherent harmony of our own being, in our relationships and in the natural world? There is a profound connection between the state of human consciousness and the state of the world. The Forum invites to a deep exploration of this topic with the practice of dialogue and silent reflection.

The 1st Regional Spirit of Humanity Forum in Latin America

Transformative experiences for a world in transition

Villa La Angostura, Patagonia
24-27 October 2018

At the end of the 3rd Spirit of Humanity Forum last year, it was decided that we are now ready to invite regional SoH Forums to be organised in different parts of the world, by previous participants who have had the experience. Alan Gegenschatz, Dr Juan Hitzig, Sara Caputo and Javier Casas Rua immediately made the courageous and very generous offer to create the first Spirit of Humanity Forum in Latin America, with special focus on topics important to Latin America and held in Spanish. They wanted to replicate the programme in Iceland and have therefore been planning for an event of the same size and length as the 3rd Forum. Myrian Castello from Brazil, who also participated in Iceland, and Moira Lowe, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Argentina, joined forces and the team have now been working on a voluntary basis for almost a year. It is with great enthusiasm, gratitude and interest that we are seeng the preparations coming together for the Patagonia Forum, ’Espíritu de Humanidad Foro Patagonia’, with the overarching theme ’Transformative Experiences for a World in Transition’, in its original language ’Experiencias transformadoras para un mundo de transición’. 

Participation: The Patagonia Forum is open to Spanish-speaking leaders and change-makers from any part of the world, who share the Aim & Purpose of the SoH Forum and who are interested in exploring topics which are especially related to Latin America such as equality, environmental care and social entrepreneurship. 

To participate, please contact

For more details:

Artexhibition Foro Patagonia

Local artists have been invited to express their interpretations of ’Spirit of Humanity’, in Spanish ’Espíritu de Humanidad’, in an exhibition which will be open during the Forum.

Sylvette Badessich, a very well-known and loved artist in La Villa Angostura and who is now 91 years old, is the first to make a contribution.

Sylvette likes to describe scenes of original cultural rites. Here is a ’trutruca’, an ancient instrument used to call people together to invoke their god, Ngenechén. A ceremony in which they ask the earth to be calm, the rain to be adequate, the harvest to be abundant, praying for harmony in life and peace in their relationships. La Villa Angostura is also working with social issues, promoting the same values as are proclaimed by the Spirit of Humanity Forum.

Sacred Activism and the Freedom to Love: 
the relationship between science, spirituality and sustainability

What is the significance of this in the context of the profound and urgent ecological and social crises we are facing?
What part do our values play in the transition that is needed?

We will reflect together to on these pressing questions with the following speakers:

  • Ursula King, Emeritus Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, and Senior Research Fellow at the University for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol
  • Prof David Cadman, Writer
  • Dr Tom Stedall, Research Fellow, The Schumacher Institute
  • Four  Arrows aka Don Trent Jacobs, faculty member in the School of Educational Leadership for Change at Fielding Graduate University, California

4 October 2018, 10:00-17:00 in Bristol, UK

An event developed in collaboration between SoH Forum and The Schumacher Institute

To participate, please contact:

The essence of the Spirit of Humanity Forum: W
atch HERE

Have you been touched by the Spirit of Humanity? Help us to touch more people by sharing this beautiful video, capturing some of the essence from our last Forum.

The Inner Curriculum
- the missing link in education

"In order to release the creative dynamic of human consciousness and take the lid off pupil potential, we encourage parents, school leaders, teachers and support staff to see the importance of schools having a prime focus on the development of wellbeing and resilience through the Inner Curriculum, which we believe is the missing link in education."

These are the words of Neil Hawkes, in a very interesting article based on his and Jane Hawkes' findings in their work with Values Based Education. Full article HERE

Living from the Inside Out is an article-series the Forum offers with the purpose of nourishing wellbeing, resilience and self-leadership through a deeper understanding of our inner selves and the universal humane values we all share at the heart of our being. New material is welcome:


"It is important to recognise that this notion of being separate and apart from the whole is certainly not a rule of Nature. We have chosen it, even if we were unaware of doing so.

Peacefulness is and has always been, not only a possible, but a necessary way of inner being. We have never been, nor could we ever be, truly ourselves without inner peacefulness. We cannot be at one with ourselves and with others without being at peace."

From David Cadman's chapter in the book Peacefulness. Read more HERE

A tribute to the rescue operations in Thailand
- a true spirit of humanity!

“We’re able to complete this mission because we’re full of power – power of love. Everyone has sent their love to the 13 survivors and rescue personnel. I want it to be a lesson for the world, where people should love each other. I want all Thais to love each other like they do today,” rescue-command chief Narongsak said, citing great co-ordination from all parties involved.

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