Although I normally send one monthly newsletter, I decided to send a special holiday one this year. 2020 has been a hell of a year for many of us, and as we close the book on it, I find myself filled with hope that next year will be so much better. I’m also very touched by the support of readers like you who’ve bought or borrowed my books and left encouraging reviews this year.

Because of you, the release of Claiming Her Beasts Book One far exceeded my expectations =) Thank you! If you haven’t had time to get your copy of this steamy reverse harem paranormal series starter, please check it out (it’s free on kindle unlimited).

To express my thanks, I'm having a $40 giveaway in my facebook reader's group! Join Dia's Hellraisers and comment on the giveaway post for a chance to win. Additionally, I’ve tracked down some fabulous book deals, giveaways, and freebies (see below).

Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy, and relaxing holiday and New Year’s!


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FREE Reverse Harem!

Reverse Harem Advent Calendar

Twenty-four first chapters from bestselling reverse harem novels, perfect to fill up that reading list for the holidays. Get a taste of books you haven't discovered yet and be inspired to re-read the ones you know already. Plus, exclusive behind the scenes insights about your favourite authors!

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Christmas Balls

Brought to you by Reverse Harem writers JE Cluney, Belle Harper and Sam Hall, inside you'll find an array of hot and steamy tales of Christmassy goodness, or 'presents'for readers: excerpts of hotly anticipated books soon to be released. 

Paranormal Holiday Romance!

Raven's Gift

Let the countdown begin, for some holiday cheer,
may Morgan and her Ravens have a Happy New Year.
Raven's Gift is a Christmas Novella that is part of the Raven Queen's Harem. Readers do not have to have read the series to enjoy this romp of holiday fun!

Brand New Paranormal Romance!

Harri Raines & The Dead-Witch Moon

Witchcraft, demons, ghosts, baby goats, whiskey, and four not-so-dead ex-boyfriends bring this new series to life. Harri Raines & The Dead-Witch Moon is over 90,000 words long, and the sequel will be coming soon. Start reading and prepare to laugh!

Academy Romance!

Nobledark Academy 3

Chosen Hearts is the third book in the Nobledark Academy series, a steamy reverse harem story of a witch who is more than she seems, and the four hunky men who come to love her. Click now to dive into the world of Nobledark Academy.

Apocalyptic Romance!


As the world I once knew is lost, a new one emerges.  Puppy, my German Shepherd, and I have been on our own until four guys enter my life and refuse to leave. Strangely enough, they’re just as broken as I am. My name is Blyss and we will set this world on fire if necessary. After all… What’s the worst that could happen?

Urban Fantasy/Academy Romance!

Academy for Courting Curses

“If you think Goldenwand is the vilest witch who’s ever lived, think again. An ancient and evil beast has been awakened, and she possesses the wand to kill us all.”  If you love hot AF dragon shifters who steam up the pages as well as the sheets, download this book now!

Paranormal Box Set!

The Accursed Saga

My heart belongs to six different men. A bloodthirsty vampire. An overprotective werewolf. A manipulative demon. A fire-wielding sorcerer. A cursed prince deprived of all emotions. An immortal monster who once caused the Black Plague. Everywhere we go, we leave death and destruction in our wake...

Supernatural Preorder!

Her Cross to Bear

When the leader of the supernatural police force announces his retirement, leaving his daughter and sole heir to take up the mantel, it's not just the supernatural community who's a bit unsettled. Crysta Van Helsing, sole heir and daughter of Abraham Van Helsing, will have to prove her worth to the other supernatural houses and herself all while keeping the secret of a lifetime.

Paranormal Romance Preorder!

Nowhere to Run

I’m a one woman wrecking crew until I run into them—the tempting feral werewolf and dangerously sexy vampire— who are more than happy to join me on my venture. With their help, I’ll scratch every name off my list. But as the darkness begins to overtake me with every kill, my men start to worry that I’ll lose myself in it. I need my revenge, but am I willing to continue losing pieces of my soul with every kill...

Claiming Her Beasts Book One


Reed spun around at the same time a huge, naked man emerged from behind my curtains.

Certain the guy was an alcohol induced hallucination. I closed my eyes and opened them again.

The man was still there.

No, my shocked mind amended as I stared into his glowing yellow eyes. Not a man. A monster. A nearly ten-foot monster with jagged fangs and rippling muscles that enveloped every inch of his body down to the massive erection he sported between his brawny thighs.

I opened my mouth to scream.

The monster brought one of his fingers to his lips. “Neither of you move or make a sound.” His voice rang with an otherworldly tone that reverberated inside my head.

I tried to bolt from the bed and found I couldn’t move a muscle.

Oh, God! What’s happening?

Reed was a statue next to my bed. His eyes were wide. “Run,” he mouthed.

“I can’t,” I mouthed back. My breath came in sharp, shallow, pants. Somehow the monster was in total control. What will he do to us?

As if reading my mind, the monster bared his fangs in a smile made of nightmares.


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