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A, B, C, Ah, vous dirai-je, maman?

(Picture: Cameroon - April 1963)

My grandfather was a bookbinder and sold used books, I still live between several readings. I spent my childhood between books and relatively escaped the categories used below. My readings were always active, I was looking forward to the next visit to my grandfather "Papier" to choose a new reading assortment. The group was my family and all had different interests.

Hypnosis and reading

Passivity: obvious.

Disinterest: Let´s meet at your bookseller or Amazon.

Group: not necessary

Start Suggestion: see worldliness.

Advantages: Culture, of course!

Manipulators: common social waste.

The reading material has changed, we have gone from bound book to digital reproduction, and the selection/access has greatly expanded with Internet and PDF. But the intel-ligent reading method has not changed. You can still find important texts to understand a topic (check the source of course).

Reading should, therefore, mean learning to understand, because all too often people read from habit, mechanically, without really paying attention to it. It is therefore very important to regain control over one's "own" consciousness by actively deciding to understand before beginning to read.

Then you have to take the time to understand, because a misunderstood word is enough to cause disinterest or misunderstanding, sometimes even to cause anger. This will also help to defuse disinformation attempts after some research. I am always sorry to see grandmas buying their BS newspaper at the bakery in my village knowing that they will spend their boring afternoon reading miles of alphabetical garbage before they turn on the puke from television news.

There are of course different kinds of literature, the one that teaches and the one that entertains (from enter-taint). Let's quickly jump over first-degree entertainment or so-called infotainment, which consists of distracting the reader from his duties, which ultimately serves to maintain collective hypnosis on many issues, possibly even including a more or less subliminal message.

Hypnosis and Subliminal

Passivity: obvious

Disinterest: obvious

Group: not necessary

Start Suggestion: not required

Advantages: Ask the investors,  it is not necessary to define the recipients, since everything happens below their consciousness.

Manipulators: it is enough to watch most music videos to see how well monkeys can imitate what Luciferians know perfectly well.

And then there is the other reading that requires attention. Most dangerous is the one that makes you believe that it enlightens you while it's only entertaining. Sometimes it's a novel with encrypted information, but it's been a long time since Rabelais where we could learn while having fun (actually a typical French thing, he even invented comics, in the Quart Livre, I think). Now we're living on the threshold between 1984, Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451, and they all seem to join together at the same time.

The present era is special in that we have certainly remained in the mindset of the "Thought Police", but the sources of knowledge are becoming broader, while at the same time they are more censored/controlled.

While some indigenous tribes do not know or need writing/reading nor monopolizing or tinkering with the planet (why can´t we leave them be that way without the intervention of modern proselytes?).

The pseudo-invention of the printing press in 1450 aimed actually more at establishing and vulgarizing education (one of the first prints was a faulty translation of the Bible, so the fake news didn't just happen today). So: Compulsory education for all people, regardless of their constitution and their natural capabilities.

I'm aware that I am touching a pretty explosive bucket here: People are different, equality exists nowhere, and evolution is only technological. The traditional teaching was done orally and adapted to the people who had the necessary qualifications.

A truly just society needs to know how to maintain itself and that it can recognize and offer the necessary development opportunities for certain people according to their abilities. Both writing and reading are part of this, but they are absolutely not compulsory.

This gives me the opportunity to mention the latest book by my friend Xavier Mignon, a recently published new translation of Corpus Hermeticum, "Synthesis of metaphysical knowledge of Egyptian antiquity before Christianity" (yes, yes!), therefore esoteric knowledge which is not necessarily accessible to all, unfortunately it is a French translation.

This has enabled me to check whether Gaargle works well. I have tested the search "Corpus Hermeticum Xavier Mignon" and the fifth link proposed is my page on the basics of music, as I have used most of Xavier Mignon's text about Plato's Timaeus. Where I could also verify that my website is finally "reactivated" and that I need to correct the illustrations and tables of the text.

And while I'm at it, I can also announce that the Apocalypse DVD is almost ready!

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