5 things indie comics got right

Last week I got on my high horse and proclaimed that indie comics need to fix a lot of things that crop up in their work time and again. While true there's a few points that needed to be addressed I had a hard time reflecting how I left the subject on a negative tone. I didn't mean to, it's just that I always have high expectations when I pull a book out of the bubble wrap. Let me make it up to all of you by highlighting 5 areas where independent comic book creators generally either get things right or have a clear advantage over the mainstream.

1. An open mindset.

Sasquatch in outer space? We got you covered! Motorcycle monkey biker gangs? Ditto! While on Kickstarter you will see the occasional super hero story line it gets far outweighed by the plethora of original and unique set ups, story lines, and premises that come from all angles. Plus a healthy dose of 'alternative lifestyle' gay lesbian transgender etc. comics done by people who have a unique vision to share. Let's face it, who needs yet another Batman or Spider-Man reboot?

2. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Just think about it, making comics I'd put on the same level as playing in a band or acting in a play (or writing music or stage plays). There's something ballsy about telling the world 'hey, I've got a story to tell!' no matter what the story is. Society tends to keep passive sheep who rarely do anything creative.

3. They're contagious.

Not only does a comic creator who's doing it all on their own stand out, he/she can affect those around them to copy their mentality. Pretty soon you have a whole community of people out there making their thing, no matter what the thing is, music, dance, film, because they saw somebody making a comic.

4. Lack of censorship.

Not too long ago, in the 1950s comics were on trial, about to get shut down for good. It seemed that the medium was being read by minors and when their parents got a hold of some of the more gory horror books they worked on getting comics banned and burned. Today there's thousands of different audiences for comics, not just pimply pre-pubescent boys. You couldn't stop the endless content (and yes a lot of it for adults) that all these audiences generate.

5. The creators own their own product.

Power to the people! Even if they're using an outside agent like Kickstarter to get their dream project funded indie comic creators are in complete control of the look, style, feel and size of their comics. I can't think of the same situation any where else, even the most prestigious art gallery has a final yay or nay to what goes on their walls, and not the artist. Indie comic creators reap all the rewards of their hard work without compromising themselves.

Have a great weekend!

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