Oh my the robots are coming!

"Results of the Bank’s study, Andy Haldane said, suggested that administrative, clerical and production tasks were most at threat"

Hey guys, Julian 'The Ultrapreneur' Hall here. If you want to read the full article Guardian you can click here.

If you check the comments, most people have knee jerked against this which I supposed isn't surprising. However, as an entrepreneur, I see the opportunity that changes presents, especially for the next generation. 

Ultra Education we create JOB MAKERS not JOB TAKERS. No need to be AFRAID!

The school system for 100's of years have prepared children for a job market which frankly no longer exists.

The need for young people to create their own employment is greater than ever.

Does this mean they'll never get a job? No. Does it mean they'll have more options and actually be more employable? Yes.

It’s the reason we teach entrepreneurship 7- 18 yrs old. In an ever changing world, having more choice means not having to do a job because you need the money, but doing something because you love it.

Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall

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