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Healthcare Cybersecurity Biweekly Newsletter - June 7th, 2017

HIPAA Regulations at a glance

For more than 15 years, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been regulating the privacy and security of electronic protected health information (ePHI) utilized by health plans, healthcare providers and clearinghouses, and healthcare providers.    Failure to comply can lead to a penalty ranging from hundreds of dollars to millions. HIPAA law can be confusing, long and difficult to get through, but as a healthcare entity, you need to comply. Data security is a very important concern for healthcare organizations, payers, providers and business associates. Wouldn’t you like to have HIPAA regulations at a glance which you can consistently keep in your office as a reference? This 3-page summary and checklist, brought to you by 24By7Security, Inc., helps condense HIPAA security and privacy regulations in one place. Download and put it up on your wall!


Four Ways to Reduce Risk from Healthcare Business Associates

Running a healthcare organization at peak efficiency means many external partners are necessary to support different parts of the business: billing, staff augmentation, data processing, and a wide array of other functions.  Many of these are business associates (BAs) that work with sensitive protected health information (PHI), making it important to ensure there are guidelines in place to reduce the risk associated with working with business associates. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting BAs because they often lack robust security, leaving them more vulnerable to sophisticated criminal attacks. Find out here who are BAs under HIPAA and what steps should be taken to reduce the risk.


Security Awareness: Three Lessons From Health Campaigns

“If you are doing the same things you did five years ago to keep your business and its data secure, then you do not have an effective security awareness program.” — according to one technologist and columnist. A recent study found that nearly 4 out of 5 health care IT executives view employee security awareness as their biggest information security concern. A good security awareness program should educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology. There are three parallels between Health and Cyber Hygiene:

  1. Security Awareness Is Not About Awareness
  2. Everyone Needs Constant Reminders
  3. Incentives Work in the Short Term, But Peer Pressure Works Long Term

In other words, treat cybersecurity awareness as a long-term, multimodal, multidisciplinary campaign that will need to explore different approaches to impact behavior.


13 Things Every MSP Should Know About HIPAA

HIPAA compliance has become a hot topic as health care organizations, are entering into the digital world. Under rules passed in 2013, many MSPs are considered business associates under HIPAA  and will need to adhere to many of the provisions of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, all of the HIPAA Security Rule, and the HIPAA Breach Notification provisions. As the rule states, business associates of covered entities are directly liable for compliance with certain of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules’ requirements. An MSP that possesses or has access to a HIPAA Covered Entities' PHI is required to be HIPAA compliant as well and must be provably HIPPA-compliant. An MSP can’t do any HIPAA-related work without being HIPAA compliant. Here are 13 things every MSP should know to comply with HIPAA regulations.


Cyber Insurance discussion at SF-ISSA incident response workshop 2017. Sanjay Deo, President of 24By7Security, Inc. and Michael Brown, Manager at 24By7Security, Inc. hosted an incident response workshop at the SF-ISSA conference on March 10, 2017. There were questions raised on cyber insurance. This video is a summary of those discussions.

In this world of rising cyber crime, have you assessed your security levels? Are you safe if or when you suffer a breach? Is your confidential data safe? Is your network secure? Don’t wait for a disaster to interrupt your business… be prepared now! Call 24By7Security, Inc for a security risk assessment today... at (844) 55-CYBER or visit our web site at

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