Temptation of Fire

I hope everyone is having a lovely week! I have had a few questions about my next books, and I promise, they are coming! I am busy working away on Roderick and Gwen’s story. Good news -- the manuscript is now complete is now with my editor.

While I don’t have the book ready for you yet, this week I did want to share the title and the cover for the steamy version of the book. Next newsletter, I will share the sweet version! What do you think of this one?

While you wait, be sure to catch up with the McDougall family -- the sweet and steamy versions of the books can be found below.

Already read them? Then I have a few recommended reads for you to enjoy.

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Weekly Reads




Happily Ever After Books 1-3 Box Set

By Ellie St. Clair

Unconventional heroines meet dashing dukes in the first three books in Ellie St. Clair's Happily Ever After series. Fall in love with the lords, ladies, rogues, and heroines of these Regency romances!

The Duke She Wished For
Someday Her Duke Will Come
Once Upon a Duke's Dream

The Happily Ever After stories are regency romances with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and -- of course -- a guaranteed happily ever after. For readers 18+ due to some steamy love scenes.

Buy on Amazon for $2.99 for a limited time!

At First Sight

By Karen Sommers

When opposites attract, sparks are bound to fly…
Amanda Addams knows exactly who she is. She’s got no time for fancy dresses or homemaking. No sir, a day in the stables or out roping is more her style. Nothing and no one will ever turn her head like the beauty of a fine horse. Like that treasure the new lawyer Mr. Richman rode into town on. A mane like spun gold, muscles that flow like water, that bright smile and the dimple in his cheek…wait…what?

Philip Richman has never met a woman like Amanda. Her confidence and the way she defies norms is both inspiring and more than a little exciting. Hiring her at the office was admittedly a selfish move, but he can’t get enough of her wit. Now if only he could convince her to look at him instead of his horse…

Buy on Amazon!

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