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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Deserie Foley has returned with answers to your questions for the clinic organizers from last week's podcast:  

Dear Deserie,

Thank you for your email with the questions and concerns that you have received and the powerful and poignant remarks of the TI you quoted in depth.I will answer the questions in blue interleaved with your email but please remember that these are my thoughts only.  The Steering Committee has not conferred on these items.Please keep putting it out to your community that they need to join the Natural Solutions Foundation mailing list at www.DrRimaTruthReports.com and share this link widely since we will need the support of the community to move ahead.
~ Dr. Rima Laibow


We've set up a special site for TI's to communicate and to join the T&A List.

This page includes links to articles, newsletter sign up, link to survey and a comment forum (being set up)
The link:  www.TargetedandAngry.com

Q.  Some people were concerned; will the clinic be acceptable or legitimate?  

A. I am not sure what this means.  Acceptable to whom?  Legitimate by what standard?  We will have accredited staff operating a legal and well-organized facility doing the best medicine we know how to do.  That is acceptable to me and the rest of the team and we are certainly legitimate.

Q. People asked about having maybe an inpatient hospital /clinic? 

A. While we may have a residential place where people can stay, the legal issues of an inpatient hospital and the regulatory requirements and costs are, at least at this stage, prohibitive. 

Q. Will there be different doctors for every need for the patients / environment doctor that is trained for emf /chemicals and electrically sensitive? 

A. There is every expectation that all staff will be appropriately trained and aware of all the issues that are related (and there are a lot of them) but I do not see how we can have different doctors for every need of the patients when that is the entire scope of medicine and beyond.  I suspect we will have a referral network of trusted doctors for less common issues.

Q. The community is looking to heal from injuries.  How can you get it to stop? / shielding materials?

A. That is a huge issue all by itself. Obviously, we will do the very best we know how to.

Q. Will there be someone there to remove the implants/sensors? 

A. We may or may not have a surgeon on site but we will certainly have relationships with those who are willing to and can do so.

Q. Could someone look at the tests they have already had done, such as MRI? 

A. Of course.  It is a standard part of medical treatment to review previous records.

Q. How many doctors would there be in the clinic and how will you hire them, such as, how can you trust them? 

A. That depends on far too many factors to answer at this early stage. The size of the clinic depends on funding.

Q. Can people sign up for studies?

A. That is very heartening.  We will be gathering as much data as we can to better understand what we are dealing with.

Q. How many people would you need for a study? 

A. That depends on the study.

Q.. Scholarships? 

A. That is something that we have to work out.  We currently see the organizations helping to raise money for the scholarship funds. Philanthropic support would have to be raised as well.

Q. What would be the goal for the clinic? 

A.  Stop the suffering for individuals and stop the non consensual experimentation in general.

Q..Will you see patients from out of the country? 

A. Of course.

Q. Can letters that can be written for their doctors?

A. Naturally. And documentation for legal purposes as well.

Q.. How can they sign up? 

A.  When the time is right, we will let people know about the clinic. Right now it is very premature to sign people up since we are still in the exploratory phase.

Expect Great Things in 2018!


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