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November 27
The Round Up


This is the second edition of a new monthly newsletter that I have started - "The Round Up".

The Round Up could include: 

  1. Something interesting I have learned recently
  2. Any Blogs I have written in the last few weeks
  3. Any Videos I have posted to Youtube in the last few weeks
  4. Any Podcast that I have released in the last few weeks
  5. Any books I've read recently.

So here we go...

Something I have learned recently

I am always fascinated by how companies are run. There are so many different organisational structures, methods and values that seperate the good companies from the great companies. Recently I've found two well known company's employee guides. 

Steam Employee Guide (PDF)

The first is the Valve employee guide. Valve is the company behind the popular video game DRM "steam". 

 This guide details a working environment where there is no hierarchy and employees are able to pick and choose what projects they get involved in. Valve really is a good example of a "Flat" organizational structure, meaning there is not much structure. 

Basecamp Employee guide (Website)

Basecamp is another company that I admire. They are well known for challenging the status quo with work hours and work days. Basecamp works in 6 week cycles. Jason Fried, the CEO of Basecamp has said that nothing worth doing takes longer than 6 weeks. Here are some additional interesting organisational stucture facts about Basecamp: 

  1. Only work 4 days a week in summer
  2. Employees vote what to work on for 6 weeks, then are free to work on any project they deem important in the 7th week. Often these projects become part of the company's core product. 
  3. Basecamp is primarily remote first, meaning everyone works from home. 
  4. Jason Fried has said that writing is one of the most important skills an employee at basecamp can have, even if they are a designer. 
Recent Video - Time Blocking

This video is pretty straight forward. It's about how I manage my time using a method called "Time Blocking". This is a similar method used by people like Elon Musk and Cal Newport. 

William Zissner
On Writing Well

On Writing Well, is about, well you guessed it - writing. This is something that I am trying to get better at. I thought this book would be boring but it covers a broad spectrum of topics and it's liberated me from things that I thought were absolute writing laws. For example, "Never start a sentence with 'but'". William Zissner says this is a high school teacher's favourite but not always condusive to great writing. 


If you've made it this far, thank you for reading! 

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