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Image-To-Image Translation using StarGAN.
Dye Your Hair (Or Look Older) Using AI

In April, I wrote an article on how StarGAN, a machine learning algorithm with crazy possibilities that I implemented in March. StarGAN uses Generative Adversarial Networks to remap human faces to change features, including changing expression, age, skin colour and even gender! Certainly, something you'd never expect AI to do as accurately as StarGAN does.

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Attended Blockchain Revolution Global in Toronto!

This month, I exposed myself to some really legit people and crazy concepts involving blockchain at Blockchain Revolution Global!

An E-commerce Store (feel free to shop!)
Launched PrizeCove

PrizeCove is an e-commerce online shopping website I launched last month. PrizeCove offers deals on a variety of products, from home decor to quirky electronic gadgets!

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In April, I Got Deep Into History Podcasts

Last month, I dwelved into the waters of philosphiy by listening to podcasts on the topic. In the month of April, I got really deep into history through Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast. I highly recommend Carlin's 6 part "Blueprint For Armageddon" series (with almost 24 hours worth of podcast) on World War 1!

Here are some of my favourite podcasts in April!

Hardcore History

Episode 50 - Blueprint For Armageddon I

Bitgeinstein's Table

Episode Dan Larimer vs The Rothschilds EOS's URI Bitcoin as Universal Basic Income

Philosophize This!

Episode 48 - Adam Smith pt. 1 - Specialization

Hardcore History

Episode 60 - The Celtic Holocaust

Improved My Sleep in April

Here's what I've been practicing consistently in April to improve my sleep:

- Taking a warm shower before sleep

- Not looking at any bright lights including screens at least 30 minutes before bed

- Lowering house temperature at night to create a better sleep environment

Overall, the quality of my sleep has gotten much better in April. As a result of that, I'm able to perform better at the gym, focus better on working and have twice as much energy as I did before. 


Ever heard of biohacking? It's a way to "hack" your body to optimize it to feel best. Sounds slightly nuts, but the simple things I've listed above count as "biohacking" (in a way). In May, I'll be looking more into Biohacking and finding what works. Stay tuned!

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