It's Julian 'The Ultrapreneur' Hall here...

Starting a business can be daunting and that's why I believe that children should be equipped with entrepreneurial skills from a young age. 

I created Ultra Education, a company committed to delivering quality, fun,entrepreneur programmes to young people.

I started my first business in my late teens, and if I had been taught about it earlier, it would have made things a lot easier. 

Ultra Education has run a number of classes all over the country and the results were amazing.  A number of children developed tangible business ideas, and they developed certain skills including problem solving, numeracy and literacy skills, and their confidence grew immensely. 

To date, we have helped over 60 children develop business ideas nationwide, making us the fastest growing provider of entrepreneurial skills to children in the UK, but we're not content to stop there. 

It is our desire to see the programme as part of the national curriculum, and with the glowing testimonials coming from both the young people and the parents, this is becoming more and more a reality. 

We have also been featured in Forbes magazine and are gaining a solid reputation for being the world's premier provider for children's entrepreneurship classes. 

The clubs have been so successful all over the country, and proven to work that Birmingham franchise holder Nathan Shillingford is excited about the possibilities.

"As a parent and educator I believe It's not about what we give to our children but it's more about enabling them to tap into their tremendous potential and unique skills to become self sufficient in an ever changing economy where the rates of unemployment and redundancy on the rise. Ultra Education is the answer!"

The Ultra Education workshop in Birmingham will start:

1st November 2017 at King Solomon International Business School, Lord Street, Birmingham, B7 4AA

2nd November 2017 Q3 Academy, Wilderness Lane
West Midlands, Great Barr, B43 7SD

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