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The baby and the bath water

Long before the internet, in the 90s, my friends Jean Poncet and Xavier Mignon organized deprogramming seminars. These seminars don´t happen anymore, but I still have notes here and there. And Jean Poncet publishes books.

Today I will talk about hypnosis

According to the censors of Wikipedia: "Hypnosis is a particular psychological state still poorly defined that has certain physiological attributes and marked by the functioning of the individual at a level of attention other than the ordinary state of consciousness. "

So, we do not really know what it is, and we are not much more advanced when we look for its origin, especially as Plato said he "did not know what to think" of his own Greek mythology.

"Hypnos is the god of sleep. He is the son of the Night (Nyx) and the twin brother of Death (Thanatos). He is also the father of Morpheus, god of dreams. "

And as Hesiod says, Hypnos lives "in the West" ...

Our attention has been diverted by the circus and television entertainers who made us believe that one "had to want" to be hypnotized, and nothing is less false, as we will see.

"Even though hypnosis is supposed to have been invented only in the 19th century, the making of fools began with schooling, then there was the invention of printing, the images of Epinal, precursors to the Comics, photography and cinema, and today: video games. The World Masters Guide even explains that in order to cretinize students, it is necessary and sufficient to illustrate the class books. » (Jean Poncet)

Without looking for the difference between hypnosis and suggestion, let's see their conditions:

The passivity of the subject vis-à-vis the manipulator (not to mention the emphasis on the benefits that we will draw, to cause passivity).

Disinterest or boredom.

Induction is easier in a group (starting with a dozen people, less if some have already been hypnotized, because hypnosis is very contagious).

Use of post-hypnotic suggestion to retrigger hypnosis.

Anyone can be manipulative: nothing to do with mesmerism or "magnetism".

The results

The subject finds himself doing things that he has never consciously decided and he will invent all kinds of justifications to account for them.

To recognize a justification, one must know what is a cause: this field of study has disappeared from programs for at least five centuries.

The behavior of the subject is automatic, but the recording tends to fade: it is necessary to repeat the sessions to guarantee the duration.

The forgetting of hypnotized subjects does not exist: it is the action of post-hypnotic suggestion "you will forget all that has just happened".

So at school:

Passivity: students must be quiet, and listen to the teacher on pain of bad grades or appreciations, even the threat of missing his career and life.

Disinterest: the teacher makes the class study what interests the planners, not the 6 years old kids, or teens.

Group: A class must have at least twenty students, but the excuses for making classes of forty are easy to find ...

Start-up suggestion: schedule.

Benefits: Mandatory education is a great victory over preceptor-only education for "elites": everyone can access "knowledge", the true nature of which is never really questioned.

Manipulators: Educators do not need to be trained as hypnotists: they themselves have been hypnotized and obviously do not know what they are saying. If it were not the case, they would have noticed that it does not stand up ...

I will come back to music and show but I leave you with this other quote from a curious text:

"When you open the mind through musical - tone, rhythm, and melody - and add a memorable message, you are literally altering the brain. You are putting things deep in it that will be hard to get out. It’s a mind-altering drug. Hip-hop can get people to do anything.

The drum machine has been designed to mimic human drummers. However, it produces a mathematically perfect quantized time. This makes it a perfect hypnotic trance inducer that allows post-hypnotic suggestions (the content) to take root in the subconscious mind of the listener.

(The Metaphysics of Hip-Hop)

Yes, the metaphysics of rap, somebody did it

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