The Happy Couple.

Another new variant cover for Mayfield Eight's final installment.

Hey ,

Getting right back to where it all started. Ray Ryder, back in 1956 on a picnic with his honey and new wifey hang out where all of his MC are congregating. They call themselves 'The Apaches' -yes I know a bit un-PC for our age but this was the 1950s where everything was Cowboys and Indians. Ray Ryder is the father of Calvin Ryder, who in 1974 I chronicle his adventures., what's her name?

She loves him obviously but still is a bit leery of those big heavy bikes. She definitely drove there, didn't ride along.

By the way, I never really named her. She was always 'Calvin's Mom.' What do you think her name should be? Heather? Rosie? Sadie?

Have a great weekend!

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