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IAF July 2018 eBulletin (revised)

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Election Candidates 2018

There is one candidate for the IAF Presidency 2019-2021, H.E Majed Al Mansouri. No other proposals for candidatures were received; the published deadline was 31st May 2018, so he will stand unopposed.

Majed has served one full term of office as IAF Vice-president for the Middle East North Africa region, during which time he has developed important strategies for the region, with which IAF had formerly relatively little contact. He is Executive Director of the Emirates Falconers' Club of UAE, who formally proposed his candidature.

If he is elected, then the Vice-presidency for the Middle east North Africa Region will become vacant and Dr. Hany Tatwani (Vice-president of the Saudi Wildlife Authority) will candidate for that office, proposed by the Emirates Falconers' Club. Dr. Hany is known to many in the IAF Advisory Committee from working with us on many occasions, on saker conservation.

Pictured at the 2016 Strategy Workshops on Illegal Trafficking , left to right: Dr. Hany Tatwani (Vice-president Saudi Wildlife Authority), H.E Majed Al Mansouri, (current IAF Vice-president, MENA), H.E Mohammed Al Bowardi (Managing Director of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency, Deputy Chairman of the Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund and the International Fund for Houbara Conservation), H.E Dr. Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi ( Minister for Climate Change and Environment, UAE), Dr. Adrian Lombard (IAF President)

In the election for the Vice-president for Europe, Africa (South of the Sahara) and Oceania, there is one candidate - Janusz Sielicki - who completes his first term in this office this year and may stand again for a final three-year term of office. He is proposed by Gniazdo Sokolnikow (Polish Falconers' Club).

In the election for the Vice-president for Asia, there is also only one candidate - Dr. Keiya Nakajima - who completes his first term in this office this year and may stand again for a final  three-year term of office. He is proposed by the Japan Falconiformes Centre.

The vice-presidency for the Americas does not come up for elections till next year and Dan Cechinni continues in office.

Delegates are notified that the following items, must be sent to before 21st September:

  1. Proxy voting instructions (if required), for any delegate unable to attend
  2. Any items for discussion on the agenda of the meetings,
  3. New membership applications requiring decisions

NB If you know your IAF delegate has changed, or if there have been major changes in your board, please notify us at These notifications should reach the right person in yout club.

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Karl-Heinz Gersmann has been awarded the CIC Golden Award by President George Aman

Karl-Heinz Gersmann, was awarded the CIC Golden Award by CIC President George Aman in May of this year. Karl-Heinz  has been a staunch supporter of IAF for many years and he sits on the IAF Advisory Committee as Liaison Officer with the CIC. 

President Aman stated that this award was to show that "The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation expresses its deep gratitude for loyalty to the CIC and of Falconry”.

IAF congratulates Karl-Heinz on on this achievement and on the growing interest that CIC has taken in falconry as a result of all his hard work.


General Information for the International Meeting and IAF Council of Delegates Meeting 2018 – Bamberg, Germany, hosted by DFO


The Deadline for registration is the 1st of August -  register here 

IAF Board and Advisory Committee meeting - Sunday 21st October (closed, or by  invitation of IAF President). 

IAF Council of Delegates Meeting - Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October (open to Board, Advisory Committee, IAF Individual Subscribers and others by special invitation of the President of IAF)

Venue for all the meetings: Welcome Kongresshotel Bamberg, Mußstraße 7, 96047 Bamberg

Optional program for partners:

Monday, October 22, 2018: 10 am departure at the hotel with the minibuses for a trip in the area, starting with Castle Weißenstein in Pommersfelden.  After lunch a drive through the Franken region to the Baumwipfelpfad Steigerwald in Erbach . Cost per person is 45 € for 10 participants and 30 € for 20 participants. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018: meet at 10 o’clock in the morning at the hotel lobby for the city tour "Fascination World Heritage Bamberg" to the main attractions. Included is the Natural History Museum with the Bird Hall.

Duration about 2 hours. The cost per person is 10 € for 10 participants and 5 € for 20 participants. Lunch , then at 2 pm from the old court yard, a guided tour "Idols, Pope and Emperor" through the three museums around the Bamberg Cathedral (Historical Museum, New Residence and Diocesan Museum). Duration about one and a half hours. The cost per person is 15 € for 10 participants and 10 € for 20 participants.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018: invitation to all. The whole trip and the lunch is free of charge. At 8 o'clock 2 buses in front of the hotel. We will be back at 6 pm in Bamberg. A visit to the Hunting Castle of the Margrave in Gunzenhausen. After lunch in Triesdorf a lecture on Margravial Falconry in Triesdorf. Then journey on to Ansbach to the Margrave Museum. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018 and Friday, October 26, 2018: after the Bamberg trips it is possible to visit Nuremberg  and/or Coburg  on Thursday and/or Friday. If someone has a special request or wants to see something specific, this is possible on enquiry.

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IAF Young Falconers Group IAF Anniversary Video

From: Andrea Villa, IAF Young Falconers

Dear friends, delegates and IAF members, this year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of IAF. I would like us to make a video to pay homage “50 years of IAF... and it's just the beginning!”. Following the astounding success of the last Falconry Festival, the main theme will be “young falconers from all over the world”.

I would like your support to create a tribute that is worthy of IAF. The video would be made by combining  short videos sent in by young falconers under 30. Every participant should shoot a video of themselves (using smartphones or cameras), in which they answer these questions: «What's your name? How old are you? Where do you come from? Which hawks do you fly?».

If participants want, they can also express a quick thought about IAF. It would be even better if they spoke holding their hawks on their fists. Each video should last only a few seconds to give everyone an opportunity to talk. Those who cannot speak English  can shoot the video in their native language, as long as they send a brief translation, for subtitles. I will take care of the editing and all other aspects.

Everyone under 30 can participate with no restrictions, as always, the very nature of our art brings people together in unity! I invite you to send these videos to - - by using (if possible) WeTransfer; otherwise you can also send them  through Whatsapp or Facebook. The result of our efforts will be shown for the very first time during our meeting in Germany, so each video should be sent by the end of September. I hope that many of you will participate!


An Invitation from the Gruppo Falconieri Italiani

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