Not gonna lie: I'm a little nervous about this one. 

Anywhere from one to 100 fundraisers from around Virginia could show up for my talk about email marketing on Thursday. Truth be told, I'll be the same amount of anxious whether there are 8 or 88. Not that I'm not confident - fired up even - about the content. It's just that I always worry that I'll forget to say something important.  Hours later it'll dawn on me that I neglected to mention some nugget that ties the whole message together. 

But that's why I've been reviewing my slides - and making some tweaks. 

After one recent talk someone asked, "At nonprofits we tend do a great job with DEI internally but I wonder how we can make sure that carries through to our email audiences?" 

Good question. 

After contacting Natalia Sanyal, a "conversion copywriter and messaging strategist" from Vancouver, I had a little better idea of ways that nonprofits can use their email marketing to BUILD TRUST in addition to raising funds. After all, her LinkedIn tagline promises: Anti-oppressive copy that sounds like you, sells like hell, and does no harm.

So, after we go through the importance of consistency, bite-sized content, the perils of great design, and how to write like a real person, I've added this slide: 

Slide about building trust by getting consent, honoring unsubscribes, adding alternate text, transcripts, proofreading, and trigger warnings.

I think it'll be a nice addition to my talk. And, I think I'm ready. 😁

If you have any other great tips for communicating while doing no harm, I'd love to hear them. Please drop me a line any time.  

Keep Up the Good Work, 


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