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Presidio School Monthly Newsletter - October 2020
Message from the Principal - October 2020

Hi Presidio Family!

‘Tis the season…no, not holiday season, but rather voting season. Next week we will have Election Day, which is why we are celebrating the Citizenship Pillar in the month of November. Voting, whether it is for a hair option or the next President of the United States, is an opportunity for voters to let their voices be heard. I am so excited that so many of you participate in voting for my hair option, not because I love changing my hair all of the time, but because I love seeing the #PresidioFamily participating in school and community activities, sharing their thoughts and opinions, and engaging in conversations about their vote. I realize that our upcoming election is fraught with negativity because most people have strong opinions about various propositions or candidates, which is why I am addressing voting from a fairly innocuous activity such as voting for my hair. I appreciate those of you who take time to vote for my hair color, who discuss the options with your children, friends, etc. and who can agree to disagree with others’ perspectives. My hope for our children is that through fun voting opportunities, we can increase civic engagement, empowerment, and perspective taking through discussion. So, if you haven’t done so already, get out there and vote (for my hair) :)!

Happy October!

Jessica Montierth Puls, Principal

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Important Dates
November 11 - Veteran's Day No School
November 24 - No After School Programs
November 25-27 - Thanksgiving Break
December 17 - End of Term 2

While the Dreamcatcher Library is closed, keep in mind that American students need to read outside of school to attain proficiency. In 2019, only 35% of 4th, 34% of 8th, and 37% of 12th grade students read at a nationally measured level of proficiency

We have work to do!

In each newsletter, I’ll highlight reading resources for our Presidio community. This month’s spotlight is on ReadWorks’ series for middle grade readers, The Run. Last year, 834,438 students in 5,268 districts across the country read the popular zombie cliffhanger series. This year, motivating students to keep reading is more important than ever. Start with Episode #1, available here! Parents, you can sign up for a FREE ReadWorks account if your child does not have one from school. 

For reading questions, contact me at

Read hard! 

Ms. Levine, Reading/Writing Intervention Instructor & Service Coordinator 

Congratulations to Presidio's 2021 seniors!

We are very pleased to announce the following university acceptances and scholarship awards:

  • Rain Horn - accepted to Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona, recipient of Wildcat Recognition Scholarship in the amount of $2,000.00
  • Megan Smith - accepted to University of Arizona, recipient of Wildcat Excellence Scholarship in the amount of $8,000.00
  • Joel Vargas accepted to University of Arizona and recipient of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Scholarship in the amount of $1000.00
  • Jonathan Bessett accepted to Northern Arizona University

As more information is received regarding postsecondary plans, acceptances and scholarships they will be announce to the #PresidioFamily in our monthly newsletter. If parents want further information on assistance with the FAFSA application and college and scholarship applications please contact Ms. Carmen Gomez, Presidio Guidance Counselor, at or (520) 881-5222.

Additionally, Presidio will be offering a variety of trainings for our parents that we hope you will find valuable. This month we are offering suicide awareness/prevention training. To take this month's 15 minute online training on suicide awareness and prevention please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click the button below to navigate to the online training site
  2. Create a profile by registering on the site
  3. Select the Parents and Guardians training button

This learning experience for parents and guardians of students in all grades combines short video clips, instructional material and activities to assist parents in navigating the journey of the upcoming school year, for themselves and for their children.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carmen Gomez, Presidio School Guidance Counselor.

    Suicide Prevention/Awareness Training

    A friendly reminder to our families participating in the OVCN Snack Pack Children's Program, the next Snack Packs will be sent home on Friday, November 6th. If you are unable to pick up your family's snack pack on the first Friday of the month, please make sure that you contact Joe Roos, Community & Family Programming Manager, by email or phone to make alternate arrangements. or 520-881-5222

    In an effort to better assist families in utilizing literacy and math resources available to them, Presidio will be including a Q&A section in all future newsletters. Please share any questions or concerns you have regarding literacy and math via social media or email and how they pertain to your student(s). It is our hope that providing clear and consistent information on available programs will increase student involvement and success at Presidio.

    High school, seventh, fifth and fourth grades utilized household items, people and places to mimic art's historical resources. This project is called The Art of Quarantine and is derived from a worldwide European museum project that went viral!

    Monthly Scavenger Hunt - October

    It’s time to have a little fun! We have created a short scavenger hunt for families. Once you have solved the riddles, take a picture of you, your student, or your family next to the answer to the riddle. Submit your pictures to social media for all to see and make sure to tag Presidio School. This month’s scavenger hunt has a “spooky” quality to it. Happy “haunting”!

    An adventure awaits you, on a journey you’ll go.

    You’ll travel quite far, to where you don’t know.

    Haunted, creepy places and shrieks can be yours.

    If you but discover and agree to explore!

    Here are the clues, some easy, some hard.

    Can you solve the riddles on the cards?

    Trick or Treat! This zombie needs a drink. Brew it hot or cold by running the _________.

    I have four creaky legs to help keep me stable. Don’t be a chicken, peek under the __________.

    Protect yourself when stomping through ooze. Your toes will be grateful that you have good __________.

    Welcome to our new newsletter feature, Caption This! Get on social media or send an email to Ms. Erin with a caption for this picture. Entries will be voted upon and a prize will be awarded for the most creative caption. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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