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How the Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management Program Is Trauma Informed

What does it mean to be trauma informed?

This is an approach where the teacher is trauma-sensitive and considers the possible impact or link of trauma on children, their behavior, relationships with others, learning and their symptoms. The teacher uses cognitive, affective, and behavioral principles as well as relationship building skills involving the school, child, and parents to overcome the negative effects of traumatic experiences. 

Being trauma informed begins with an understanding by the parent, teacher, and child about the specific trauma or complex traumas that the child experienced and the child’s symptoms, emotional reactions, and current triggers. It also includes education about normal psychological and physiological responses to trauma and how teachers can reinforce the students’ accurate cognitions about what has occurred. It involves teachers offering hope and reassurance to the student and parents that the child’s symptoms will improve with support and trusting relationships. Other aspects of trauma-informed teaching include therapeutic approaches woven into the classroom such as affect literacy and self-regulation, cognitive and behavioral coping strategies, and support from parents, teachers, and peers.  

Read this article for more details on how trauma-informed methods are incorporated into the Teacher Classroom Management Program.

Read How the IY TCM Program is Trauma Informed
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