Adventure Calling? Or Same Old, Same Old?

Start from where you are—
not where you wish you were.
The work that you’re doing becomes your path.

~ Ram Dass

Postcard from Barbara

Need Company?

A Timely Reminder

Postcard from Barbara

Not Quite What I Was Planning is the title of the delightful book of six-word memoirs. It also seems to be the theme for 2020. As I write this, I know what has happened, but I have no idea what will happen next.

Last fall when I decided to bring back the Joyfully Jobless Weekend events, I was excited. My enthusiasm grew when I asked for Collaborators and got a wonderful response. Of course, at the time I had never heard of coronavirus and had no idea what was coming. 

Shortly after I got the January/February issue of Winning Ways newsletter in the mail,  I began working on the next issue, one that would celebrate the 34th anniversary of publication. By the time it was ready to go to the printer, I was in isolation. 

For the first time in over three decades, I missed a deadline. I have no idea when I will be back in production. However, if you are a current subscriber, your expiration date will be adjusted so you’ll get your full subscription. 

If you wish to renew or become a new subscriber, feel free to do so before the end of April and I’ll add a bonus issue to your subscription (7 issues for the price of six).  You don’t even have to go to your post office to join the tribe. 

Just click on this link and sign up.

Your support will be welcomed and deeply appreciated.

Need Company?

As you may know, I am a voracious reader. In fact, every issue of Winning Ways includes a page of book recommendations, usually non-fiction, that can be helpful to your self-employment journey. 

A few years ago, I began to notice that some of my favorite fictional stories featured a self-employed main character. In thinking about it, I concluded that it was perfectly logical that authors (usually self-employed themselves) would find that entrepreneurs are fun to write about. 

One such book that I recently revisited is A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy which features an adventurous young woman who purchases an old house in her small hometown in western Ireland and turns it into a hotel. As is true with most Binchy stories, it’s filled with interesting people who happen to cross paths in life.

I also enjoyed all the details and decisions that went into creating this enterprise in which locals and family members were certain to fail. 

It could be just the book you need to keep you company during these less social times.

A Timely Reminder

Grandma once gave me a tip:

During difficult times, you move forward in small steps.
Do what you have to do, but little by bit.
Don't think about the future, not even what might happen tomorrow.
Wash the dishes.
Take off the dust.
Write a letter.
Make some soup.
Do you see?
You are moving forward step by step.
Take a step and stop.
Get some rest.
Compliment yourself.
Take another step.
Then another one.
You won't notice, but your steps will grow bigger and bigger.
And time will come when you can think about the future without crying.

Elena Mikhalkova, "The Room of Ancient Keys"

Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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