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The Lampworks Lamplighter

Welcome to the first voyage of the Lampworks Lamplighter, now embarking to Rockscape, Trondhjem, Antigone, and other points on the galactic rim. We plan to bring you bits of news, previews of our books and games, reviews of what we're reading right now, and features of other indie authors.

June 1, 2020

A new adventure coming soon!

M. Resche is trapped in a land that is not his own, where mages move tiles the size of nations in a vast Game. The magic of the land is topomancy, the power of extra-dimensional knots, fractals, and tessellations. And Resche… well, he’s an art thief, with some special skills that border on obsessions. (That’s not his real name, of course, nor is any other that he’s likely to give you.) To get home, he has to pit his skill against the mages.

Resche must search for clues to the great Game in an Astromancer’s observatory, a Fractalist temple, and a strange, dimension-straddling castle. The watchmaker and the jeweler might not be who they appear. And the woman who owns the local newspaper might prove an ally, or more, if small obstacles like the truth don’t get in the way.


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Under development

Embers of the Empire Board Game

The Kir Leth gave Humanity the means to span the Galaxy. Embedded within this gift was a warning that it contained a curse if it was ever misused. Humanity accepted the gift, but ignored the warning.

After a thousand years of prosperity and expansion, the Blight descended. All technology more complicated than a wagon wheel crumbled into dust and the human worlds fell into darkness. After thousands of years of struggle, a few worlds again reached out to join together, to explore, to trade. Some sought cooperation, some sought to dominate. Rumors of caches of old technology drove a renaissance of archaeology. There were stories of outposts of the old empire that had never fallen, or that somewhere out there the Kir Leth still led their reclusive lives.

Although factions vie for glory in rebuilding the empire, ultimately in order for any faction to prevail and become the dominant influence in human space, they must also work together on shared objectives.


Embers is still in the early stages of development and testing. After having spent years playing many different board games and a number of other space empire "4X" style games, I have gathered something of a development wishlist: playable by 1-4 players in 2 hours or less, minimal luck in combat actions, a sense of place, of a living world, asymmetric factions that each play differently, many unique locations, multiple paths to victory including both combat-focused and non-combat-focused options. Yet it should be easy to learn and fit in a box half the size or less than a standard game box.... I feel some compromises coming on. But early playtests have been promising, so stay tuned!


Our books
Our first novel

Sellenria: The Starship and the Citadel

Blending elements of hard SF and Fantasy, this is a tale of self-discovery, set in a journey through a fantastic land. All legends have a kernel of truth, but the full story can be surprisingly different. As the War of the Grimmerroth appears destined to replay itself, Stenn and Gilwyr must struggle to transcend their roles. The last war devastated the planet; this time it could extinguish all life on this unique world.

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Short Stories
Viral: A Contagious short story

Stories evolve. Sometimes they evolve a sense of self-preservation.

Interaction Region

A physicist trips on the intersection between universes

Void Birds

In the Sellenria universe, a ship makes a presumed first contact.

The Ledger

The corpse showed up with an axe it its head and a map in its pocket.

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First Contact Book by Moud Adel
First Contact

To be a savior, one must first train

Quarantine Sci-Fi Bundle

Kindle Unlimited reading to fill your evenings at home.

What we've been reading

Here are four beautiful and compelling novels to add to your reading list. 

Clockwork Boys

A forger, a scholar, an assassin, and a paladin, all misfits, are sent to stop an unstoppable enemy.

The Golem and the Jinni

Two mythical beings meet on the boundaries of Manhattan's Jewish and Syrian communities

And I Darken

The daughter and son of Vlad Dracula are hostage to the Ottoman empire.

The Lions of Al-Rassan

A physician and two warlords have their fates intertwined in the divided land of Al-Rassan.

And some historical reading for background

Roman Britain: A New History

In 55BC, to Julius Caesar, Britain was a land of legend, beyond the edge of the known world. 

Over the next 350 years the Romans left an enduring mark but never truly tamed this farthest frontier of the Roman Empire. An archaeological feast for those interested in this time period.

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