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The Miracle of Healing Light

Summer and Her Angry Cyst, My Memorial Day weekend.

This is Summer, a 12 year old cardigan Welsh Corgi. She belongs to my 82 yr old mother, who wanted to rush her to the vet for this angry cyst. Going into a holiday weekend, I asked her to give me the weekend to laser it . the First photo was taken on Thursday the 25, the last was taken Monday morning, the 30th. I used my Activet MR4 25 watt on setting #4 (1000-3000hz) with blue light, twice daily. Monday morning  I did not have to laser it, all that was remaining was a couple of scabs. I am sure I saved my mother a couple bucks, not to mention, very low stress for the dog and no pain! By the following weekend, there was no sign at all of the cyst, I did no more treatments after Sunday evening.

Treating Acute Injuries with your My Pet Laser: "Rescue Protocol"

I am fortunate to have a 25 watt laser at my disposal to use on myself and my pets, but you can accomplish the same results with a 15 watt laser in the event your pet has an injury with the proper protocol. 

Remember though that if your pet has an injury that requires veterinary care, seek professional help first and use your laser to supplement traditional medication, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Any injury can benefit from a "Rescue Protocol" although fresh wounds should not be treated in the first four hours following the injury. Ice tends to diminish  the effects of laser therapy and will allow some of the inflammatory process to continue to develop so should not be used initially. 

Smaller, more frequent doses have been shown to be the most beneficial  in dealing with acute injury or trauma. Treatment can be done up to 3 or 4 times a day within the first 48 hours to help manage the initial effects of the inflammatory process and to minimize damage to the tissue and reduce pain. In these situations, the use of multiple settings in one session are utilized (one inhibitory and one stimulatory) The unwind Protocol should be included in the treatment to help ease pain.

  • With your My Pet Laser, begin with the Unwind Protocol on setting #3  (1000-3000Hz). Using the contact-scanning technique, start at the base of the skull and slowly proceed along the side of the spine to the tail. Repeat on both sides of the spine.
  • Next using setting # 3, (inhibitory, provides pain relief) scan directly over injured area for 3-5 minutes.
  • Finally use setting # 2 (250Hz, Stimulatory,  promotes healing) directly over injured area for 3-5 minutes.
  • Remember to keep any wound clean while treating with your laser and to apply any topical treatment afterward.
  • After 48 hours reduce treatment times to twice daily. 





Light Therapy Outreach at The Elephant Nature Park


In Chiang Mai, Thailand, There is a nature park where Multi Radiance Medical's super pulsed lasers are used on the largest land mammal, the Asian Elephant.

Elephant Nature Park is a unique conservation project set in the Chiang Mai Province in Northern Thailand. The park is dedicated to providing a sanctuary for former captive working elephants, as well as Elephants that have been victims of abuse, exploitation or injured due to land mines. The Elephant Rescue Park has rescued dozens of Elephants and aims to protect and sustain a natural home for this endangered species.

Don't believe Photobiomodulation can get through your thick hide? Volunteer or sign up for a working vacation at the ENP and see for your self how light therapy benefits these amazing animals. Helping them live comfortable  and happy lives!

 Volunteers and visitors can help heal the scars.

The Science of Super Pulsed Laser / Multi-Radiance Medical


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