July 9, 2019


How Quickly We Forget
Stephen Heleman

God Gives The Law

In the last week of our series following the life of Moses, we reach a defining time for God's chosen people. 

In Exodus 19:4-9, God repeated to Moses the covenant He made with Abraham 500 years earlier. Moses took God's word to the Hebrew people and they freely accepted the covenant, so God came down to Mount Sinai and gave the Hebrew people the Ten Commandments. You can read them in Exodus 20. Then God and Moses returned to the top of the mountain, and for forty days God gave Moses the complete law. In Exodus 32, the Hebrew people grew impatient and asked Aaron to make an idol to worship. They had just been in the presence of God a short time earlier, how could they give up on Him so quickly? 

The reality is, when we are under pressure or in pain, we can easily forget God, too. When we can't physically see Him, it is easy to rely on what we can see, how we feel, or what is familiar. If we make decisions based on those things, it will ultimately lead to destruction. 

Since It's Easy to Forget, Learn To Remember

I challenge you to do at least one of the following things to help you remember to look to God.

  • Write down what God is doing. Ask God to open your eyes to His work, and then begin or end each day remembering what God has done or is doing. 
  • Take time daily to remember who God is. God reveals Himself to us through His word. Hide His word in your heart because when we are under pressure, what we have on the inside comes out.
  • Spend time with truth tellers. It is easy to find people who will say what we want to hear, but we need to hear God's truth. Spend time talking about God's word with other believers.
  • Focus your life. Ask yourself two simple questions in all circumstances; 1) How can I love God? and 2) How can I love people?

Don't let the world distract you from God's best. It's easy to forget, let's learn to remember.


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