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HappyFeet of South Central CT
Story time with a soccer ball

  1. Bob in the Middle - stand with Bob between your legs
  2. One Foot Forward - step forward with one foot
  3. Chop Bob Behind - inside of back foot kicks Bob behind the forward leg

See Video of Move Here
Learning Objective

Mission Statement

Create brave, creative leaders for life through the game of soccer.

Each month we focus on a specific learning objective to help us fulfill our mission statement. We weave the objective into our adventures in a fun and subtle way. This month we are focusing on:


It is not always easy to try something new. It can be scary to try a new skill or movement. It can be scary to learn something new too. This month we make trying new things fun and celebrate the success we have when we do.

Classes for the month of:

Every week we take the kids on a new adventure. These adventures allow us to teach our learning objective and soccer skills in a fun and age-appropriate manner. The adventures this month are:

  • Winter Fun - in this adventure, we go skating, build a snow fort and have a snowball fight.
  • Winter Olympics - in this adventure, we go downhill skiing, ski through moguls, go bobsledding, go figure skating and speed skating, and have another snowball fight. Everyone gets medals at each event.
  • Ant Adventure - Bob the Bobcat turns into Bob the ant-cat and the kids have to help him gather supplies for the anthill since it is his first time. 
  • New Foods Adventure - we travel around the world and try new foods - Bird's Nest Soup from Asia; Jambalaya from Lousiana; Bubble and Squeak from England. We end with ice cream for dessert.
The Newest HappyFeet Kids Book
The HappyFeet Kids Search for Treasure

When the kids become pirates for the day, they didn't think they'd be walking the plank! 

The HappyFeet Kids have a new adventure: hoisting a pirate flag and hunting for hidden treasure! As Jose, Sara, Ricky, Chen, Holly, and Zara sail into uncharted waters, they'll need more than their soccer skills to keep their fun alive. As the kids discover whales, mermaids, and flying fish, they also go up against rival pirates. While they let their excitement get the best of them, an unplanned mutiny could make them walk the plank. Can the HappyFeet Kids make friends with the sharks during a perfect playtime? 

The HappyFeet Kids Search for Treasure is the third adventure in a beautifully illustrated children's picture book series suitable for ages 3 to 6. If you and your child like wacky tales, magical powers, and learning cool soccer tricks, then you'll love Donald Dione's high-seas hijinks. 

Buy The HappyFeet Kids Search for Treasure to follow the map to adventure today!

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  • Payment information: Please make checks out to HappyFeet of South Central CT and mail to 146 Essex Street, Deep River, CT 06417
  • Withdrawal: Please contact us by the 15th of the preceding month to withdraw from our monthly programming. We can also arrange for extended leaves if required.
  • Playgroups: We can come to your house and run HappyFeet classes. The host child attends for free. See our website for details.
  • Birthday parties: Have Bob the Bobcat make your next birthday party a blast! See our website for details.
  • HappyFeet Books: The HappyFeet KIds book series is a great addition to our program. Bring the adventures with Bob the Bobcat home and grow the love of reading along with the love of soccer. Each book ends with a page that shows the soccer skills we teach in class. Go to for more information.
HappyFeet of South Central CT

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