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It's summertime and everything seems to be awash in gold. The sun's rays have that effect. If you're looking for the next gold rush, look no further than El Dorado (talk about a cliché!) According to W. Blake Gray, El Dorado's real treasure lies in its vineyards.

There's more gold to find this summer, and it can be found closer to home. From winemakers winning awards to restaurants, wine clubs and wine stores across the globe, Canada is experiencing a metaphorical gold rush. If you're looking for a place to start digging, scroll on down. 

In search of El Dorado

City of gold? More like wineries of gold! These vineyards are full of fresh finds worth their weight in, well, gold. 

Join the gold rush
Andrzej Lipinski: The Accidental Winemaker

"At this year’s Ontario Wine Awards, presented in May, the big winner was Big Head Wines," writes Tony Aspler. "Winemaker/owner Andrzej Lipinski walked off with five gold medals." In this article, Aspler shares Lipinski's story and how he came to be the "Accidental Winemaker." 

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