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Dear Friends and Supporters,

We would like to bring you lots of exciting news happening in the last month of the year.  Especially, the news of a very first baby Chinese Pangolin born in a captive environment at SVW. Happy reading and thank you for supporting us!


We're very sorry for the confusion about the shirts’ prices in our last campaign newsletter. It’s a technical mistake, not intentionally. The price on our Bonfire page is correct!

All profits from selling shirts will come directly to SVW’s PANGOLIN rescue and rehabilitation program. We hope you could forgive the mistake and still support the endangered pangolins and the work we do to help this beautiful species.



Very first baby Chinese Pangolin at SVW – 5 months hiding A SECRET

On the very first day of getting back to work after Tet holidays, the captive team was surprised when they noticed a present of a “little Chinese pangolin” strolling with his mom via a video captured by the camera. Even more surprising was that this little is about 5 months old now if all the captive information about them serves right. The last time the mom had some symptoms of anorexia was 5 months ago. Since the time mother came to our center, most of its daytime is just staying deeply in the burrows in the ground. It only goes out and enjoys the meal in the early hours. And this time could be a big challenge for our keepers to observe their behaviors directly.

As you probably know, over the past decade, we have no evidence or photos of the Chinese pangolins' existence in the nature of Vietnam. This mother was rescued from an early last year.

This shocking but happy news of the mother giving birth, and successfully raising her child in our sanctuary are a prerequisite and initial success for future breeding and rehabilitation projects for this species.

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Rescue and release

Homecoming for 22 pangolins

On the 11th of Jan, we received calls from the police of Thanh Hoa after they had confiscated 16 pangolins. But just several days later, another call from Quang Tri Police came in the midnight of 15th Jan 2020. The rapid response team was in a hurry, and we were able to rescue five individuals. One died before the team could reach there. Additionally, at the end of the month, on the way of patrolling, our Anti-poaching unit rescued successfully another pangolin. Therefore, last month, we rescued 22 living pangolins in total.

It’s time to come home for eight pangolins

Stuck in the cold spells and occasionally heavy rain at our rescue center at Cuc Phuong National Park, in order to save the pangolins, it would be better to release them back to their home rather than staying with us. After checking carefully the individuals who were able to release back, the team had decided to bring them home where are better weather, geography and strictly protected by our Anti-poaching Unit. Among the pangolins, there was a pregnant one. Hopefully, the mother can give birth safely, and all others will be well and safe in the forest.

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Updates about a brave warrior

With a close support vet team as well as vet professional volunteers, a Sunda pangolin with serious wounds coming to us last month is nearly recovered totally. Look at this, now it’s a simple necklace around its neck.

On the rescue

A pangolin lost digit 1 on his front claw

On our rescue on 11th, Jan 2020, a little pangolin got a serious wound, broke the 1 digit on his front claw. In order to save the pangolin, the vet team decided to remove that digit from the claw. The extremely cold weather is somehow affected by the recovery. Currently, he is showing a good appetite, and being transferred from the vet room to the quarantine area.

Sharing burden with Vet team
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Species conservation

Captured images of Pangolin and Owston's Civet in the wild

Great news! The team had captured some images of pangolin and Owston's Civet in the wild. These are heartening signs for the ability to recover the population for these critically endangered species in the future.

On the rescue

We are looking for a volunteerto  perform a program of marking and tracking pangolins after releasing at our rescue center in Cuc Phuong National Park. The selected candidate may start to work in Mar 2020. Click the button below for more information. 

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Site protection
An urgent rescue a pangolin from poachers on the last day of Vietnamese Lunar year.

At the midnight on the last day of Vietnamese Lunar year, our anti-poaching unit discovered two suspicious people riding a motorbike near the Khe Da Mai bridge in Pu Mat National Park. When the subjects had been requested to stop for checking, they immediately ran away and left the things including an individual of pangolin, 8kg of meat suspected venison, 3 detonators with 1 bag of dynamite. These are all under the police’s investigation. We will share the latest updates on our social channels as well as on the newsletter of next month.

There have been positive signs that deforestation and forest exploitation decreased slightly during the Tet period. 840 traps had been confiscated, compared to 2060 traps in Dec. The Anti-poaching team found 17 temporary camps then destroyed afterward.

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