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Season's Greetings

As 2016 is drawing to a close I want to take this opportunity to reflect on what I consider was a significant year in the history of the Coalition for Music Education as we look forward with renewed energy to another eventful year ahead.

In many ways, in addition to a very active year, 2016 was our “year of review” with the commissioning of a major study, Vision 25:  Finding our Collective Voice, which focused on the Coalition’s mandate and future potential.  While we historically have been building momentum over the past twenty-three years, our primary purpose – to raise awareness for the value of music in our lives, and in particular our schools and communities – yielded limited security in  ensuring that all students in all schools from sea to sea to sea have access to quality music programs.  Vision 25:  Finding our Collective Voice clearly articulated that if we want to continue to make a difference and become change agents, we must do more advocacy at the policy level to ensure that Ministries of Education across Canada strongly support music in schools with adequate resourcing to do so.  The Board adopted the recommendations of the study at our November meeting and with that they appointed Angela Elster, former Vice President Academic of the Royal Conservatory, to our Board to spearhead the implementation of Vision 25.  Angela brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our Board, and from personal experience working with her on many national initiatives, I am confident that she is the person to take us to the next level.   

Another major shift for us was the unanimous adoption of a motion at our annual Board Retreat in April to declare the Coalition as THE voice for music education in Canada.  This developed after a successful Round Table with key stakeholders and partners representing a range of national music education organizations in Canada.  The wisdom in the room that day was inspiring and all participants encouraged us to continue with the amazing work we are doing and to build on it through our Youth4Music initiative that has developed into a unique and vibrant program that values and listens to the voices of our primary constituents, that being the youth of Canada.  Check out their website to learn about the amazing work being done, thanks to the generous support of key partners including Heritage Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and TD Canada.

Once again in 2016 we had a very successful Music Monday in May, with participation remaining steady in schools and communities across the country.  Our Music Monday song, We Are One by Ontario high school student, Connor Ross, proved that our key message – STRONGER TOGETHER – resonated in the hearts and minds of young people as they joined voices in song at the designated time on that day.  Our 2017 anthem will be launched in early January, and we are excited to have key professionals from the music industry participate in the creation of what we hope will be a signature song to celebrate music in Canada`s sesquicentennial year.  Stay tuned for more details.

Aside from Youth4Music and Music Monday, the daily work of the Coalition, including our many projects such as Principals of Music and Nufsicisum Awards, Women`s Empowerment Through Music, Hockey and Music, were managed very effectively and efficiently by a group of dedicated front-line workers in our organization.  Holly, Ashley, Sabrina, and Aimée have truly given outstanding service to the Coalition.  In addition, our Youth4Music Ambassadors Sarah, Céline, Christina, Becky, George and Sasha willingly took a leadership role in many critical aspects of Y4M events throughout the year.  They have all given us their gift of dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to our many programs and I want to thank them on behalf of you, our network of supporters, as well as the children and youth across Canada.

Finally, I want to thank a loyal and dedicated Board of Directors, each of whom chair a portfolio and meet on a regular basis to ensure that our team is supported with the resources they need.  These volunteers are each committed to ensuring that music is valued and supported in all Canadian schools and communities, and that all students have access the quality programs that help build our arts and cultural future.  I want to personally thank them on your behalf.  I know that 2017 will be another year of change for us, and although change can often be challenging, we cannot build on our successes without the input and direction of a strong Board of Directors.

Finally, on behalf of the Board I extend heartfelt greetings to each you, our loyal supporters.  The world is in a precarious position as we welcome in a New Year, but through music in our lives, we can bring harmony and joy to what is sometimes perceived as a low point in humanity`s history.    May the holiday season sparkle with optimism and hope, and may each of you enjoy much peace, health and happiness in 2017.   


Dr. Eric Favaro, Chair


Music Monday 2017 National Showcase in Ottawa!

We are thrilled to announce that the 2017 Music Monday Live National Showcase concert will take place in Ottawa! Celebrating Canada’s momentus 150th anniversary, we will be singing along with schools and communities from across the nation on Monday, May 1st from Canada’s capital. The National Showcase concert will include a live performance of the Music Monday anthem by musicians on the recording, key messages from well-known music changemakers, Youth4Music Ambassadors, and more! We look forward to making music with you all! Start your planning early to tune into our live web stream during your school’s celebration on Music Monday.

New Music Monday Anthem

We’ve been in studios this month recording the 2017 Music Monday Anthem with the songwriters. We cannot wait to share this music with you at the beginning of January - only a few weeks time! Stay tuned for a BIG announcement with the new sheet music, arrangements and translations - available for FREE on

Call for Research Proposal

The Joint Consortium of Research (representing the CMEA/ACME and Coalition for Music Education in Canada) invites applications for Research Funding.

Scholars who are researching in Canadian music education are invited to apply for funding support. Up to $5,000.00 will be targeted annually (budget permitting) to fund such research projects.

The deadline for submission is Feb. 1, 2017. The successful applicant(s) will be chosen by April 1, 2017 by a peer jury. JCoR will provide written notification and procedures for the dissemination of funds along with a contract agreement for the project funding.

Recipients and research descriptions will be announced in the Canadian Music Educator journal and will be posted on the CMEA/ACME website. Read more.

Advocacy Postcards

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We’ve had such a fantastic response about our advocacy postcards! Thank you to all those who have already submitted orders for postcards to hand out to your students, parents, school boards and communities! These postcards speak to the importance of music and how the Coalition can help to foster this message. For more information and to order postcards please email

The Science of Song

The CBC’s The Nature of Things with David Suzuki has released a documentary on our intimate and necessary connection to music. ‘I Got Rhythm: The Science of Song’ details our human networking in conjunction with music, and how this impactful medium has such power in our lives. Read more.

Happy Holidays!

The Coalition for Music Education in Canada wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday filled with family, friends and MUSIC! All the best for a wonderful year ahead in 2017.

Thank you • Merci • Miigwech • kinana'skomitina'wa'w

We are able to do all of this awesome work because of the support from many groups. For a full listing of this support go to Coalition, Youth4Music and Music Monday

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