April 12, 2022

Sermon On The Mount

I Know I Am Saved

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Every major religion in the world is about two things. First, getting your sins forgiven; Second, getting to heaven. And while the process and terminology may be different, the end goal is the same. They are based on a simple truth; all people are sinful and sinful people don’t get to go to heaven. Therefore, we all need to be “saved” and so the question is, “What must I do to be saved?”

We have all asked that question. Some may answer, be a good person, go to the right church, say a prayer, or be baptized.  There is nothing wrong with these answers, but as Jesus closes the Sermon on the Mount he shows us how to become a child of God.

  • Know who to ask – Matthew 7:7-11,  isn’t about getting things from God, but about a relationship with God.
  • Know what will change – Matthew 7:12, you will no longer be the center of your life.
  • Know the one way – Matthew 7:13-14, The wide gate would mean you could do it if you were good; the truth is the gate is narrow and Jesus is that way. 
  • Know who to listen to – Matthew 7:15-20, how can we tell who to listen to, by their fruit.
  • Know the transformation – Matthew 7:21-23, He is offering us a new life

Come to God through the door of Jesus' perfection and be sure that you are saved!

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